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The RPG Files: Developing Obsidian’s Pentiment: Interview With Activity Director Josh Sawyer

Pentiment is a distinctive RPG from heralded studio Obisidian. An artistic, narrative-concentrated RPG by the makers of Pillars of EternityThe Outer Worlds and far more, Pentiment puts players in the role of Andreas Maler, a journeyman artist from the German city of Nuremburg. Set through the top of the Holy Roman Empire that is beginning to see the winds of Reformation, Pentiment aims to tell a transferring story about the persons dwelling as a result of this time of upheaval.

Via Andreas, the tale turns into one particular of thriller, as Mahler gets a quasi-detective of kinds, using it upon himself to acquit a very good mate accused of murder. This set up makes it possible for Andreas (and by extension, the participant) to take a look at the lives of those people residing in the 16th Century invented village of Tassing, wrapped up with their quite human fears, this sort of as peasants thinking how they will pay out both the church’s taxes and the miller’s price, or an overworked carpenter and stonemason providing updates to the nearby Abbey rather of staying ready to concentration on ensuring the city alone was greater shielded from storms. It is a setting you don’t see much in games, and it can be made all the much more powerful many thanks to the simple fact that it really is rooted in our shared human tale, rather in a considerably, flung fantasy or sci-fi universe.

“The target is on a real planet, not a fantastical circumstance,” Josh Sawyer, the video game director on Pentiment explained to me in an job interview previously this week. “The stakes, in some approaches, are very tiny scale for the reason that it truly is regular individuals. You have a couple nobles that get involved in the discussion, but actually it really is about the peasantry and middle course individuals, and monks and nuns and their smaller neighborhood. You never go away that group, so generating the drama definitely be on the scale of that local community, and the families and their associations was a big aim.”

Sawyer mentions that it will help way too that Andreas, the principal character of Pentiment is not the “blank slate” most Obsidian player figures are typically. As an alternative, he’s a character with a pre-recognized backstory, though you continue to have the RPG flairs of picking out certain qualifications focuses for Andres to mould him into your possess version. For occasion, Andreas was college educated, but what was he specializing in? You could pick out Latinist, and as a result, some really fascinating dialogue choices develop into accessible to you as a outcome (like a single scene exactly where you have an overall dialogue in the Roman tongue). Or possibly you analyzed Theology and can converse on a a lot more religious stage with the Monks in and out of your time in Tassing. at?v=OfYryKWkNfw

The fashion of game Pentiment turned into is influenced intensely by other indie titles the past handful of many years, such as Night in the WoodsDisco ElysiumOxenfree and a lot more. Yet it feels unique when compared to all those other fantastic titles, and substantially of it is down to the look and really feel of Pentiment

A person of the defining features of Pentiment isn’t really just the RPG components that Obsidian is recognized for, but fairly its artwork type and presentation. The RPG is fantastically drawn to glance like an aged Medieval manuscript, which is fitting viewing you begin your experience functioning on a manuscript of your very own in an Abbey Scriptorium. Each character and placing is superbly in depth and animated, providing a extremely exceptional, stylized search at every instant.

But it won’t end there. How the people them selves are offered can make a change centered on their background, skill set, and more. Claus, the Block Printer in Tassing sees his dialogue bubble fill with printing press blocks ahead of resolving to a modern day-type print text that is readable. Monks are represented by Gothic-design and style letters, highlighting their literacy and vocation. Peasants, in the meantime, are a lot more mundane scribble, as most are not literate or learned thanks to their station in life. These choices ended up aware alternatives according to Sawyer, as a way to spotlight how Andreas sees the world about him.

“We understood we were not likely to do [voice overs] from the beginning because I’ve labored on a good deal of video games that they are possibly VO significant or totally VOed. Not only is it very high priced but it’s logistically exceptionally difficult. So I know that we have been going to have a modest team, I knew we had been not going to have a huge budget. So we are not accomplishing voice in excess of. And then, I genuinely like all the adjustments in script and handwriting, the increase of literacy and the escalating use of type and printed textbooks, I was like, ‘Let’s use that.’

“Let’s seriously do a ton with how issues are rendered and how they’re presented to seriously lean in the physicality of producing, and then use that to distinguish figures by social station, training, studying practices and items like that. And around time have that mirror on Andreas’ notion, because over time the a lot more you converse to people today the extra you get to know them, and at times your point of view modify.”


Andreas himself is an exciting character in his personal ideal, but a single that is still mainly malleable. Dialogue choices are neutral, but have a good deal of coloration, allowing you the probability to really roleplay Andreas in a way that suits your individual personalized view as Pentiment goes on. Some responses see Andreas aspect with nobility and clergy more than the peasants and townsfolk, while others have him firmly on the facet of the populace. Some others can see Andreas striving to skirt the line, sympathizing with the plight of these all over him even though also knowing the “order” of items.

Dialogue checks are a main part of the narrative at details, primarily when you’re hoping to convince an individual to do some thing for you, or sway them to your aspect of contemplating. A person early check sees Andreas try to get far more data out of the Mother Top-quality of the Abbey when serving to to return publications to the library. Responses made in the dialogue enjoy a role in finding far more information and facts from her, but Sawyer states players shouldn’t fret around failing those dialogue checks in the conclude.

“I believe that, perhaps for a though at our studio we type of bought hung up on making confident the player will get to use the [background] with frequency and constantly try out to obtain an possibility to use the background, or the this or the that. And that is critical, but you begin to reduce sight of the purpose why it is fun to do that is due to the fact you get an pleasant, entertaining interaction. I’ve observed a range of men and women appear into this and they are kind of fretting above failing dialog checks, and it can be not actually the point. 

At its core, Pentiment is a character-driven story. The townsfolk, the peasants, the clergy, and of system Andreas himself engage in a central role in anything you do. There is no combat or substantial puzzles to remedy like a Zelda-type dungeon crawler. Rather, the RPG components play out as a result of the conversations you have with every single character, with some responses being recorded to influence significant factors later on in the tale. Considering the fact that you’re investigating a murder thriller, there is a timer on when you have to have to present your conclusions and proof, main to a conviction. This pressure reminded me of the timing program in Persona 5, though on a a lot a lot quicker scale. 

This was by design, and it indicates that whilst there are quite a handful of avenues to pursue with each and each and every state of affairs that Pentiment throws your way across each act, it also implies you will never ever get to almost everything in advance of time operates out. 

“It truly is unquestionably by design,” Sawyer advised me with a chuckle. “The volume to which we planned out and type of obsessed about: ‘When are factors readily available? what can a participant do? What can the player not do? What is the most variety of things that a participant can do? How do we make sure that a participant normally has 1 practical man or woman to accuse? Also meals, for the reason that foods occupied time?’ 

“[W]e desired the participant to sense strain. Most people when they attain the conclude of the very first act are like, ‘I feel like I just screwed every thing up. I feel like I acquired 50 percent the details I essential on 50 percent of the individuals. And it’s possible there is some other persons that I really don’t even know in which to begin with them.’ And that is by style. You happen to be not a detective, [and] you are functioning on someone else’s timetable. you just do the very best you can and then are living with the consequences. And that was a significant section of the style and design.”

When the narrative can branch out based mostly not just on who you accuse, but also some of the decisions you have designed right before as effectively, it tends to make for some intriguing scenarios, these kinds of as no matter if you call for relaxed all through a combat afterwards in the sport, or check out to get in a sucker punch your self. It can also have an affect on your romantic relationship with the really townsfolk you happen to be surrounded by all the time, especially as time moves on, but the townsfolk continue to be static in their roles and whole lot in lifetime.


It also reflects the time interval that Pentiment is established inside. The Reformation was a quickly-paced time of improve and upheaval in Europe, sped alongside by new suggestions, egalitarian (by Medieval criteria) of wondering, as properly as new innovations like the printing press. This is reflected superbly in the second act, in which you are rushed not just because of the Townsfolk trying to find an reply to the thriller, but also the danger of the bodyweight of the Holy Roman Empire slipping on Tassing thanks to some of the intellectual contagions (as the Empire would possible see it) that have distribute from sites like Salzburg thanks to the Peasant’s War.

Pentiment, remaining a story centered on its figures and their motivations, you would assume that it really is intended to have replayability in thoughts many thanks to the various paths you can just take with who to accuse, how to collect evidence and so on. On the other hand, it was much less created with replayability at the forefront, but fairly to give each individual consumer a distinctive working experience in the conclude. And as a end result of that practical experience, Sawyer hopes that it tends to make men and women assume.

“I know that some people are likely to play it once again. I would not say it is developed for that essentially, as substantially as for the distinctive emotion that you get. But I do think that it is also designed to make persons believe. The factor is, when you make a alternative, you type of must really feel negative no matter what due to the fact it is really seriously not very clear. Some men and women feel reasonably self-assured about the individuals they condemn. But most gamers I have witnessed who talked about it say that they’re really unsure and do not really feel superior about the conclusion.”

Pentiment would make you reside with people decisions as well, primarily when you recall that in this medieval society, the punishment is usually a large amount more grotesque than we could possibly picture. Thankfully Pentiment spares some of the gorier strategies that states meted out punishment, but it really is continue to jarring to see an execution, in particular recognizing you might just have condemned the improper man or woman.

But that was also the time interval, which Pentiment does a stellar work of symbolizing in a way I really don’t assume seriously has been noticed in games. Most historic-themed period online games characteristic much more nobility, a lot more of those people who filter via the pages of history relatively than the every day folks. But Pentiment is very substantially set in a way that it highlights those people persons who were being influenced by the entire world all around them and the selections designed by the mighty. The time time period is rife with strife, from the Peasant’s War to the other many revolts likely on in Europe as the Reformation took hold.

Pentiment tells a pretty human story, one that won’t shy absent from the struggles of real men and women. It can convey real emotions individuals are dealing with right now, from struggling discovering their way in the world, staying thrust into a purpose they didn’t plan for them selves, food stuff uncertainty and experience caught in negative circumstances. It is really certainly a journey that will get psychological at instances, and it can be one particular each individual RPG lover should really have on their shortlist to enjoy.