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The EA 2021 Event; An Experience Worth Looking Forward To

The EA 2021 Event; An Experience Worth Looking Forward To

The Electronic Arts events, commonly known as the EA Events for this year, is set to hold July 22nd, 2021. Electronics art is a known name in the gaming industry, in both the Americas and Europe. It is one of the largest publishers and also the second-largest gaming company in these regions. The company has a wide range of options which are made available to fans. These options include sports, actions, adventures and even simulation games.

The EA play event is an annual event that allows fans to participate in their preferred option. The event for 2021 is set to be a live event this year. As such, the new EA games would be introduced to the fan community through live broadcast, online contents and more.

Usually, the event is always set to happen around June yearly. However, this year’s event will be happening a month later. Various reviews about gaming companies on platforms such as have placed electronic arts in a positive light, amidst many other gaming companies and as such, a lot of gamers are excited to see the line-up for this year’s EA event.

Being a completely online event this year, there are a lot of questions as to where this event will be covered for easy access to participants. Locations where you can get contents on the event, whether full-stream or just detailed social posts are;


This platform is not a strange one to gamers, especially the hard-core ones. It is already being used during E3 and as such has one of the most active interactions during live events as the upcoming EA 2021 event.


This option is also largely used for most gamers. It comes in handy for a more seamless video compared to the twitch platform.

Other platforms with detailed contents and engagements during the event are the EA social media platforms; the EA Website, EA Twitter, EA Facebook, and EA Instagram. You cannot be disappointed by these platforms. Various British broadband services are set to provide strong access for participants to get the full experience of the game

What games should be expected during this year’s event?

Due to subtle leaks here and there, some games are anticipated to be on the EA 2021 stream.

EA Originals

What is an EA event without its games? Last year got us excited about the original; it takes two. As a result, there is a lot of expectation as to what this year’s originals will be. There has however been a lot of speculation on the widely anticipated ‘lost in random’ which still hasn’t been released despite its 2021 expected arrival date.

Battlefield 6

Irrespective of the fact that this is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this game is set to be one of EA 2021’s major features. It will be more evolved with the addition of next-gen technology and a lot of focus on a near-future setting.

Jedi Fallen Order Sequel

The Star Wars games have not come …

Top 4 Roleplaying Games You Need to Try in 2021

Top 4 Roleplaying Games You Need to Try in 2021

This category covers games that emphasize a progression structure of a controlled protagonist (or a group of characters) that is (are) represented with a variety of statistics.

They have a story with several plots and quests.

The only experience better than watching a thrilling, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat film is being “in” the film.

That is why role-playing games are super indulging.

The best RPG games will undoubtedly put you on the edge of your seat as it places you in the shoes of the protagonist.

Not only are you required to make strategic choices that impact the story’s outcome but also your own life and other characters’ lives are affected by those choices.

The gateway into another dimension that these games unlock is a big part of what makes them so fun and exciting.

Which is usually riddled with places to explore, mysteries to discover, people to encounter, and evil to defeat using our wits and lightning-fast dexterity.

I am confident that after reading the description, you would want to buy an RPG game right away.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; visit US-Reviews for information on the best online games stores

Without further ado, let us explore the realm of the best roleplaying games.

1.  Scarlet Nexus.

Many action-oriented JRPGs occur in the conventional fantasy realm, so it’s refreshing to see Scarlet Nexus move things to a sci-fi setting with an anime/horror/occult twist.

Forget about summoning large birds to your rescue (though we won’t rule out the possibility…).

It’s all about picking up cars in your subconscious and hurling them at your opponents using psychokinetic abilities.

That’s a long way from slaying orcs and casting fire on ice foes, which is the pinnacle of everything tactics.

Don’t worry, you can still use your gun to power up your mind-blowing powers.

2.  League of Legends

League of Legends has over 67 million players, so you’ll never be unable to find a game in Riot’s wildly successful MOBA.

League of Legends, which follows a similar formula to the original Dota, is slightly more open than its competition, and a rapidly evolving and updating meta means that even the pros are still learning the game.

Part of the meta is the roster of 137 LoL champions, who are constantly buffed and nerfed; you can keep up with the LoL tier list for daily updates.

If you fancy yourself as a potential pro, LoL also has some of the largest eSports prize pools around.

3.  The Witcher.

The action-role-playing game was created and released by CD Projekt and is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novel series.

Players take care of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter identified as a Witcher who is looking for his lost adopted daughter.

However, he must stop or defeat a dark entity that is attempting to track her down and steal her powers.

When The Witcher 3 was out, it earned critical praise, won several, Game of the Year Awards, and was hailed as one of the best … Read More...

5 Ways Video Game Can Affect Communication

5 Ways Video Game Can Affect Communication

Whether video games affect communication skills negatively or positively is a question most parents have asked and are still asking.

The fact that not just kids but some adults are very addicted to video games cannot be overemphasized, and many fear that it might harm the gamers. Fortunately, video games have helped a lot of people improve the way they communicate and interact in the society.

Do you love to play video games? It’s so much fun right? With a good internet connection, you can play games all day and get the chance to meet new people if you are playing online. On you can find reviews and feedback on good mobile connections for your video game.

Now, let’s put you through ways video games affect communication:

1.  Video games improve your social life

Indeed, most people who found solace in video games are people who lack what it takes to communicate in public. But with the recent development in some video games where you can interact online with other gamers, your communication skills are sure to improve by playing these games.

2.  It promotes teamwork

Teamwork also improves communication skills. In recent times, teamwork has become quite common in schools and offices as it makes your job easier and faster. But how are video games helpful with promoting teamwork? When you play video games with other people, your knowledge widens and you get to learn new skills from other players. If you can build teamwork in the gaming world, then even if you are the shy type, you can equally build teamwork in the real world and you get to communicate better.

3.  It improves communication among parents and kids

For most families, game time is bonding time. So, if you have kids that love to spend most of their time playing video games, you should also learn to join them, because that way, your child tends to open up more to you. Your child gets excited and tends to tell you everything about their day while playing video games.

4.  Video games build self-esteem and confidence of a child help with better communication in public

When you see some kids shy away from talking in public, it might be because their ego has been deflated and communicating with their friends becomes a huge issue. But, it has been proven that playing video games boost self-esteem and confidence, as well as improving communication skills in public.

5.  It reduces socialization

The effects of playing video games aren’t all positive, as there are some negative effects that arise from it too. For instance, most kids who get addicted to video games tend to withdraw from the world and dwell in the game they play. They chase their friends and loved ones away and make friends with their video games. This may cause depression among such kids which isn’t good for their mental health.

Video games affect communication both positively and negatively. Playing video games without getting too addicted or … Read More...

Your Online Headshop

Your Online Headshop

Looking for an Online Head Shop?

Head shops began as shops specializing in selling drug paraphernalia. You could pretty much count on your local head shop to carry all sorts of goodies to keep your intoxication at its optimum from water pipes and rolling papers to psychedelic visual aids and incense. Of course, the drugs themselves were not part of a head shop’s inventory. In fact, federal and state laws often found head shops skirting violations through sheer creativity. To create the impression that the glass pipes and water pipes decorating the head shop shelves were definitely not intended for drug use, certain incriminating words were banned from use within the store. Uttering one of these suggestive words would often buy you an immediate ejection from the head shop or, in severe cases, a permanent ban. In states that have yet to legalize marijuana, this vocabulary-based ban remains in full effect. head shops in the late ‘60s also became important points of counter-cultural support, offering a safe haven for distributing underground publications that questioned authority or promoted esoteric spiritual practices. This political poignancy was gradually watered down. By the early ‘90s, the head shop aesthetic had been co-opted. 

Shop for your smoking needs.

You could walk into a shopping mall to buy your tie-dyed Bob Marley t-shirt, smiley face black light poster and Che Guevara shot glass. The revolution had long been sold and the need for head shops was no longer so immediate. Don’t visit a head shop expecting to pick up a couple of grams of pot or some pre-rolls, because head shops do not sell any marijuana or other illegal drugs. If, however, you’re in the market for an octopus bong or a Gandalf pipe, a head shop is where you want to be. Steeped in a rich history of counter-cultural movements, head shops help preserve and promote the culture of cannabis. For pot-lovers, there’s something for everyone at your local head shop.  … Read More...

Check Out a 100 Dollar Xbox Gift Card Codes

Check Out a 100 Dollar Xbox Gift Card Codes

Importance of Free Gaming Gift Cards

As soon as you start playing a particular video game, you can enter the world that you cannot experience at all. The best alternatives to games are movies and cinematography, which will provide you peace of mind.

Of course, they are entirely different because you interact and actively participate in them. We all know that other forms cannot provide us with interactive characteristics similar to video games.

In recent years, this particular world has drastically changed, mainly due to numerous technological advancements that created a more effective and realistic approach. We recommend you to click here to understand the importance of gift cards.

A few decades back, people played Super Mario Bros and Packman, which was the ultimate, but the cartoonish experience.

Nowadays, these old options are silly to young players that are used to superb graphics and realistic approach.

An Evolution of Gaming

Apart from young people and teens, adults also play games frequently, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic that brought everyone at home without the ability to hang outside.

Therefore, the industry has created a new form of experience for all ages, which is essential to understand.

Since modern options come with numerous characteristics and features, you will not use an old Atari console to play them. Instead, you should find current options to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

We are talking about PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as the most frequent systems used to play modern games. Of course, you can even use VR technologies, but only for games that feature this particular design.

Since game-making is a highly competitive industry, the companies have implemented numerous useful advancements. Today, you can play by using an internet connection and a personal computer, which means that you do not need a DVD or CD or USB, etc.

Instead, you can find various platforms such as Uplay and Steam that will offer you a chance to purchase them online and play them without any additional hassle.

Therefore, as soon as you purchase a particular game, you will be able to download it into a desktop version and play it with a cloud connection for saves and achievements.

We do not use CD-rom anymore, which means that you do not have to go to a shop and pay for the dick you may damage after a while. Instead, you can download files by using the Internet connection and cloud-based technologies.

The best thing about it is that as soon as you purchase, it will remain on your account forever, which means that you will not be able to lose them or damage them over time.

These platforms have started to offer gift cards for the first time and constant users, which will allow you to purchase an entire pack for a discount price or free. Everything depends on the value of the card you get.

We decided to present you with a few benefits that you will get from gaming gift cards. … Read More...