November 28, 2023

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26 many years afterwards, initial Fallout co-creator settles the RPG’s biggest discussion: who dropped the first nuke and why?

Tim Cain, producer and wide-strokes co-creator of the primary Fallout RPG, has weighed in on the timeless debate on the start off of the universe’s nuclear apocalypse, confirming who dropped the initially nuke when and for all. A great deal of folks experienced it suitable: it was China.

“The purpose we got nuked is: bio-weapons were unlawful and in some way China located out we have been undertaking FEV [Forced Evolutionary Virus],” Cain described in a the latest job interview with Fallout fanatic channel TKs-Mantis (all-around 1:26:40). “And they ended up like, ‘you have to quit it.’ And we went, ‘OK.’ And all we did is move it. All we did was shift it in excess of.”