March 29, 2023

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Tactical Convert-Based RPG ‘Fuga: Melodies of Metal 2’ Marches Onto Switch This Could

CyberConnect2 has revealed that it truly is bringing the surprise sequel to its strike RPG Fuga: Melodies of Steel to Swap on 11th May well 2023 (thanks Gematsu!). Fuga: Melodies of Metal 2, and its predecessor, are portion of the Minimal Tail Bronx collection, and both equally games act as prequels to the PS1 match Tail Concerto and its DS spiritual successor, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel traded the preceding games’ motion-primarily based combat for an on-rails flip-primarily based acquire on system RPGs. The sequel uses the very same method and seems to be to create on the identical emotive story that the first match utilized.

Quite a few have been astonished when Melodies of Metal 2 was teased final Might as CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama discovered in a Famitsu column that the initially game’s gross sales had failed to deal with growth expenses back again in December 2021. The developer announced now that Melodies of Steel achieved 150,000 downloads all over the world on Twitter.

In the 2nd recreation of a planned trilogy, all of the lovable and cuddly anthropomorphic kids from the to start with match return (yep, this is a war video game about children, so expect to get rid of tears), along with a new ally — Vanilla.

Here is some much more info on the sequel’s story and new gameplay features, alongside with some screenshots, from producer and developer CyberConnect2:

The war was fought and won.Lifestyle went on.
Soon after preserving the planet aboard the huge tank Taranis, the youngsters return property to stay out their lives in peace.
Right until one particular day… 50 percent their amount grow to be trapped inside the Taranis as it goes on a rampage, leaving atrocity and strife in its wake.
The small children and their new friend Vanilla, climb aboard their erstwhile foe, the Tarascus, and give chase to help you save their captive buddies.
The tragedy that awaits could direct them down a path of revenge…

Progressed Methods, Manufacturer New Journey, and Even Additional Fascinating Narrative
Capabilities from the initial entry have been revamped alongside with a host of new skills that allow for strategic gameplay and improved tactical beat. Additional information will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

New Skills
Managarm– A 2nd variety of the Soul Cannon, the “Managarm,” utilizes the everyday living power of the youngsters to annihilate foes.
Judgment Program – The freshly-launched Judgment technique makes sure that every single choice produced impacts the trajectory of the story.
Airship Process – Gamers can now progress along struggle routes in new ways working with the airship process.

You can expect to be capable to pre-get a digital Deluxe Edition of the activity on electronic storefronts shortly, which will include:

  • Sleepwear costumes for all figures
  • Dummy Vitality for the Managarm
  • Dummy Soul for the Soul Cannon

Fuga: Melodies of Metal 2 launches on 11th May — the working day just before a particular Zelda title — on the Change eShop. Are you a enthusiast of the initially video game? Will you be finding this a single up? Enable us know!