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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax | RPGFan

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax | RPGFan

Direct sequels to beloved RPGs are generally incredibly divisive, not seemed upon far too keenly by significant admirers. Sequels to beloved RPGs that blend up the status quo by currently being an entirely diverse genre? Effectively, they’re even considerably less popular and considerably a lot more divisive. Still this is particularly what Atlus and Arc Procedure Works did with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Does the 2D fighter control to seize the depth and attraction of the unique RPG and its characters, or does it truly feel like a genre mashup’s pale imitation? For RPG enthusiasts, a remarkably in-depth and expansive tale manner will assist to relieve some of the concerns they might have as the plot retains the very same sense as its precursor. All those common and fond of the battling game genre will also uncover a incredibly stable foundation at the game’s main.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is extremely significantly a tale of two online games in several unique ways. The very first is the apparent combination of the RPG and fighting recreation genres with some visual novel taste in how the story is presented. The second is that Ultimax really incorporates the story modes for two games: the titular Ultimax as perfectly as its predecessor, Persona 4 Arena. Thirdly, calling the video game a sequel to only Persona 4 Golden is a tad deceptive. Figures and plot threads central to the acclaimed third title in the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off series, Persona 3, also participate in a key position, even more so in Ultimax exactly where various extra Persona 3 characters become critical fighters in the forged. With that in mind, whilst I’m individually a battling game lover, I chose to strategy this assessment more from the RPG fan standpoint because I experience that is a lot more acceptable for our coverage.

The tale for Persona 4 Arena commences at the commencing of Golden Week. The protagonist of Persona 4, Yu Narukami, returns to Inaba to invest his vacation with Dojima and Nanako and catch up with the rest of the Investigation Staff and his other good friends. A bewildering occurrence happens that night when the Midnight Channel mysteriously returns, demonstrating some Investigation Team associates battling among by themselves in what appears to be a tournament of kinds. To leading items off, some of the crew have long gone missing. Yu, Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko decide to the moment a lot more enter the Television set environment to locate some of their lacking pals, but they might also run into new faces who know a issue or two about Personas and Shadows by themselves already.

Ultimax‘s story begins shortly soon after the functions of Arena‘s, as The Midnight Channel helps make yet another unsettling event announcement, and a red fog descends more than Inaba that leads to most of its residents to vanish. Can the Investigation Staff and their newfound allies, the Shadow Operatives, struggle their way to the coronary heart of the issues and uncover out what is leading to it? They’ll have to hurry if they’re to have any hope of not only saving Inaba but the whole world by itself!

A dialogue screenshot with Nanako and Yu Narukami from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Story cutscenes are offered like a visual novel.

To say that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax‘s tale mode is meaty is something of an understatement. It contains of several prolonged episodes, which all hook up and make on a person another in shockingly intricate ways. I’d estimate that Persona 4 Arena‘s marketing campaign by yourself normally takes over 20 hrs to comprehensive as you will have to battle by means of a number of levels with a multitude of figures to piece alongside one another the entire picture. The developers evidently went with the frame of mind that, considering the fact that the Persona game titles are so wealthy in story written content, they’d finest make positive the tale listed here is treated the identical. I was thoroughly impressed by the stage of detail set into the game’s tale method as I have not performed way too quite a few fighters that check out to do this. It is a phrase-hefty affair, which displays its RPG routes by presenting tale scenes in a visible novel structure, finish with dialogue options at moments that can change what in the end occurs on a given character’s route. I truly to start with attained an alternative joke ending whilst actively playing as Yukiko mainly because of this!

RPG followers who want to see how the recreation ties into Persona 3 and 4 will most probably invest the majority of their time in tale manner at the starting. Arena originally sees you picking a severely minimal number of figures, but finishing character routes unlocks far more fighters to choose from. At a specified point, a single route will develop into locked until finally you advance further more in one more character’s tale, culminating in you unlocking everyone’s full endings if you play by means of the tale manner in its entirety. This takes a whilst, though each and every route assists lose even further light on the mysterious tournament.

Ultimax‘s preliminary tale has you taking part in via the Persona 4 side to start with, unlocking a aspect tale showcasing Adachi, then one more scenario wherever you see matters from the Persona 3 casts’ perspectives. If you incorporate up anything you have to do to get to the game’s accurate ending, you really should anticipate to commit very a lot of time on the recreation even just before delving into its considerable other modes!

A character selection screenshot featuring a green and yellow alternate color for Adachi from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Pick your fighter! There’s a wealth of beauty options and palette swaps out there.

Pertaining to the story, people nervous that a preventing recreation plot simply cannot hold a candle to an RPG will be relieved to know that, when not as robust or alternative weighty as PersonaUltimax provides fairly a little bit in terms of plot and falls in line with what a person expects from a Persona game. I wouldn’t go into Ultimax wanting for its narrative to be as robust as Persona 3 or 4‘s, but it manages to be a good continuation of those tales. I primarily like the little nods to every single character’s improvement inside all those video games, this kind of as Mitsuru and Yukari’s continued friendship or the far more encouraging rapport between Rise and Kanji this time about.

The approaches in which these people have developed considering the fact that their final overall look makes feeling supplied what took place in their respective video games, and they develop through the situations of Arena to Ultimax as well. Elizabeth’s journey close to the match grounds and Rise’s evolution into a fighter herself in Ultimax are of particular take note. I also suggest actively playing through Adachi’s tale if you’re common with his function in Persona 4 as it is fairly an insightful search at a really complex character. New people this sort of as Labrys also match suitable in and have excellent character growth and progress. Personally, I loved observing how the Persona 3 people, these as Fuuka and Akihiko, experienced developed considering that the finish of that recreation, although I also savored observing many of the Persona 4 figures, like Yosuke, continue to pondering around what their futures could keep.

In Arena, you primarily have to engage in by way of each character’s route. Ultimax streamlines this by leaping from viewpoint to perspective and, at instances, offering gamers a option of who they want to battle as if a number of characters are alongside one another in a offered scene. I choose the way Ultimax’s story is laid out as I felt like the Arena format dragged on at moments. Having said that, both equally are incredibly narrative-intensive for these wanting to see just why the Investigation Crew and the Shadow Operatives are doing the job with each other. I surely would not head looking at extra of the Shadow Operatives in probable long term Persona online games!

A battle screenshot featuring Elizabeth from Persona 3 and Rise from Persona 4 in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Fights are fun and colourful.

As considerably as gameplay goes, the use of Personas transitions perfectly from a turn-dependent RPG struggle method to a entire-blown, combo-oriented combating match. Character movesets are easy to choose up, but mastering how to use each individual character proficiently can take observe. I like how the activity implements status consequences and magic spells into fights the moment you accrue sufficient SP! You get a feeling of how most people engage in during the tale manner, while a handful of fighters — these as Margaret and Marie — are only accessible in Arcade, As opposed to, or other modes. My favourite fighters to use in struggle are Yukiko, Mitsuru, Labrys, Kanji, and Ken with Koromaru, and there’s more than enough versatility in the roster that you’re absolutely sure to decide up your have special mains! Several of the fighters even have Shadow versions of themselves that you can choose if you’re feeling specially dark in Arcade or other modes.

Those people wanting for a lot more of a obstacle can check their mettle out on higher problem tiers, even though people who just want to experience the story can flip the trouble down to a lot more workable stages much too. There is even a Protection mode possibility that’ll permit the laptop or computer battle for you if you’re really obtaining stumped with a struggle. I value that Ultimax attempts to attraction to both of those the fighting video game crowd and RPG followers and, for the most section, succeeds by being simply available to the two.

From a visible stance, Ultimax splendidly captures the feel of a Persona game. The visible novel-esque tale presentation is reminiscent of how dialogue scenes in Persona 3 and 4 perform out. The text boxes and dialogue alternatives use Persona 4‘s structure to aid url the online games even more. Character portraits are expressive, and the anime artwork is used to great impact in the course of, primarily in Ultimax and the very specific anime cutscenes. Backdrops are acquainted areas for Persona 3 and 4 supporters, and the 2D character styles are incredibly in-depth. I specifically assumed the visible cues when a character’s cell phone rings had been a awesome throwback! Taking part in Ultimax on a Swap in handheld mode looks definitely magnificent, however selected scenes and battles are a bit rougher when the Switch is docked.

A Golden Arena Mode screenshot with Junpei and Fuuka from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Golden Arena Method boosts your fighter’s stats by way of dungeons and even enables you to build social back links with picked companions.

Seem-intelligent, there isn’t far too much to complain about possibly. The English voice performing is leading-notch, with actors for both of those new and returning figures providing traces emotively. Audio results this sort of as the wind blowing, a keep an eye on coming to everyday living, or the bumps and thumps of fight are managed perfectly also. The new music includes quite a few legendary tracks from Persona 3 and 4 that are intricately interwoven into the recreation, although I wish there’d been some more musical wide range, specially in story manner. But I do love how catchy the opening theme music is! You can also pay attention to voice samples in a gallery, together with some unlockable illustrations.

There is a prosperity of solitary-participant written content in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, not only with the in depth story mode but several other modes these kinds of as Arcade, Versus, and Golden Arena Mode, where you struggle by means of dungeons and make stats. Unfortunately, the Change port is missing in the on the web compartment as it does not supply the rollback netcode, unlike the other releases. I’m also tricky-pressed to advocate the title to any person who is not a battling match admirer and who is not common with the two Persona 3 and Persona 4. But individuals who come about to fall under both of those umbrellas will unquestionably uncover an entertaining, stable combating video game practical experience with some surprising RPG undertones in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!