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Onion Games’ new sandbox RPG due out in 2023

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Onion Games‘ new sandbox RPG, which was initial introduced in December 2020, will launch in 2023, director and game designer Yoshiro Kimura explained in a new “Ask Kimura” section sent out to “The Magic formula Onion Cellar” newsletter subscribers.

As for the theme of the RPG, Kimura could not share a definitive solution, but stated, “What I can say is that this time, I have been imagining a whole lot about ‘children.’ That is the principal point I’ve been wondering about.”

Onion Games RPGs are known for owning a particular concept. moon, for illustration, was about really like, whilst Chulip was about kissing.

Get the entire Check with Kimura and the hottest letter from Kimura down below.

Question Kimura

#01. When will the new recreation be produced?

Thank you for this vital problem!

The solution is “next year”… but that’s all we can say right now!

At this issue, we are not in a put the place we can announce a agency launch date.

What we can say is that our first transfer will be to include a Steam page with an undetermined release date…

…I believe, anyway.

And even then, it will almost certainly be an additional six months right before start on any platform…

…I consider, anyway.

In get to announce a release day, we have to be at a position in development wherever we know we can certainly retain that date…

…and we’re not there however.

#02. What general topic is your new activity going for, like how moon was about adore, and Chulip was about kissing?

Thank you pretty considerably.

I have been obtaining lots of issues like this in English for quite some time, but I have not however had several prospects to response them. I will consider to remedy them extra frequently from now on.

What is the concept of the video game? That is in fact the question.

I just can’t give you a definitive response, mainly because I have been making an attempt to absolutely have an understanding of that as I make the game…

What I can say is that this time, I have been wondering a great deal about “children.” That’s the key factor I’ve been pondering about.


Hi there everyone.

This is Kimura-san, your indie-videogame-generating Uncle. As you know, I’m now difficult at perform producing a new RPG. Now, I want to communicate about this “Rose-Tinted Earth.”

It looks that variety of Japanese builders producing indie game titles is likely up dramatically. And now, previous month noticed the debut of a Television set drama known as Atom’s Final Shot, about a solo, auteur, indie video game making genius.

What an wonderful time we dwell in! I simply cannot imagine there’s a Tv set present like this in Japan! …But it’s type of unusual. It’s actually not super fascinating. Perhaps since there is no “drudgery” in it?

In the authentic earth of indie video games, there are several additional disappointed developers than thriving types. What you considered was going to be a vibrant, rose-tinted potential turns out to actually be stained crimson with blood!

In reality, the world of indie video games is much more about acquiring tossed into a muddy, bloody battlefield.

Onion Games Sandbox RPG

Possibly it’s just that this display does not portray that bloody exhaustion that a lot of indie match builders have.

For the duration of the improvement of a recreation, you are regularly bleeding out your possess residing costs and other labor expenditures, and you hardly ever know if the future transfusion will demonstrate up in time for the match to make it to release.

Even then—and even if you make an outrageously exciting game—there is no promise that it will see enormous revenue.

And even though we know that in progress, we video game developers have to maintain working to maximize our productiveness. We have to retain pushing forward.

Indie sport developers are mainly bizarre creatures that are consistently operating, laughing, and playing chess, all whilst bleeding profusely.

Onion Games Sandbox RPG

Anyway, we’re going to continue to keep performing hard to complete the new RPG!

I’m pretty confident that we’ll be completely drained dry by the time it’s finished, so when that time arrives, make sure you do have a search at the video game (and perhaps acquire it if you can)!

November 24, 2022
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