June 22, 2024

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I knew the promise of an entire BioWare game remade inside another, older BioWare game was too good to be true, but what I found was even weirder than I imagined

“Mad lad puts Neverwinter Nights into Baldur’s Gate 2 for some reason” was my coworker Joshua Wolens’ summation of Andrey Balabokhin’s truly confounding mod project, NWNForBG, which seeks to demake BioWare’s 2002 D&D RPG in its more critically acclaimed 2000 D&D RPG. The result is not how I’d recommend enjoying either game, but it’s one of the weirdest and most fascinating mod projects I’ve seen in a minute.

There aren’t really screenshots or discussion of the mod I could find out there, so my curiosity could only be sated by a direct hands-on experience. Getting there, though, proved a vexing odyssey into Baldur’s Gate 2’s funky modding ecosystem and NWNForBG’s own quirkiness.

A shot of the original NwN in action. (Image credit: Bioware)

Installing NWNForBG itself was relatively simple, but it also requires the BP-BGT Worldmap mod to function. This mod swaps Baldur’s Gate 2’s default world map with a zoomed out map of the entire Forgotten Realms, allowing modders to add new fast travel points on the map, such as the city of Neverwinter.