July 15, 2024

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Every Bethesda RPG, ranked from worst to best

Every Bethesda RPG, ranked from worst to best

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“Open world” is basically a four-letter word these days, synonymous with bloat and filler. But where some open world RPGs cram their maps with icons representing collectibles and repeatable activities, Bethesda RPGs give us maps where the icons are just places. Each one is a town or a landmark or a dungeon, a place worth visiting rather than a job to complete and then cross off the checklist.

That’s part of what keeps us coming back to them, though it’s not the only thing. Being able to choose various factions to align with, homes to build, and mods to apply means they become personal expression. Skyrim retooled to play like Sekiro and look like anime is nothing like Skyrim with a vanilla-plus mod loadout and a hero whose only ambition is to adopt every orphan, while Fallout 4 with Sim Settlements 2 installed is nothing like a Fallout 4 playthrough where you avoid Preston Garvey like he’s radioactive and concentrate on finding your son.