September 21, 2023

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Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Evaluate

It can be currently been approximately 5 several years considering that Atlus teased the “up coming stage” of Etrian Odyssey all over the release of Etrian Odyssey Nexus — which at the moment nevertheless stands as the final video game in the sequence. Given that then, we have not read a lot at all from the dungeon-crawling RPG franchise, and admirers have been holding onto a fleeting promise that a new entry would materialize sooner or afterwards. With the impending release of the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, not only do longtime sequence enthusiasts when all over again have hope that Atlus will keep on on with Etrian Odyssey, but new gamers also have a handy location to soar in for the 1st time.

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Etrian Odyssey Origins Assortment is a trilogy pack of remasters for the very first 3 Etrian Odyssey game titles, which initially released involving 2008 and 2010 on the Nintendo DS. Notice that this selection is in fact primarily based on the initial online games, not the Nintendo 3DS remakes in The Millenium Girl and The Fafnir Knight. Personally, I assume this was the right selection, as the original game titles felt like basic Pc dungeon crawlers to get started with  just on DS at the time —and now the trio basically tends to make their way to Computer system, perfectly suited for the platform. I am also just a grognard for the classics anyway.

The Origins Selection is readily available for both of those Nintendo Switch & Personal computer, and I played the Computer system edition for overview. Specified that the online games ended up at first produced with a twin-display set up, they featured the player’s initially-person viewpoint for exploration & fight on the top rated screen, with the drawable map positioned on the base touchscreen. With only a person display screen obtainable now, concessions had to be made in how the activity was shown. How it will work now is, essentially, you can press a toggle to pull up the map on the correct side of the game interface, although your exploration point of view sits on the still left.

Minimap Selection


Whole Map Alternative

I individually ended up actively playing the match with the map far more-or-less permanently fastened on the correct facet of the display screen. You can toggle the map to shrink to a mini-map, giving you more visual actual estate of your initial-individual standpoint of the dungeon by itself, but I felt you spend so substantially time seeking at the complete map anyhow, that the minimap alternative is never virtually as useful. On a 4K Computer system monitor, I was beautifully snug with this monitor setup, whilst I are not able to speak to how this may well truly feel on the Change in handheld manner, or on a transportable machine like the Steam Deck.

Just one of the essential gameplay parts in the Etrian Odyssey series is how you attract your individual map, which was completed on the reduced touchscreen on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Definitely, this is no lengthier an solution on Computer, so map drawing is now finished when you have the map pulled up to the correct. There are controller inputs obtainable for the map drawing capabilities, but I located them too unwieldy to use. Most likely they operate perfectly the moment you get employed to them, but I opted to simply just use the mouse cursor to attract the maps and location icons, which works quite similarly to the authentic Etrian Odyssey touch interface. Of training course, the mouse cursor alternative will never operate if you had been hoping to sit back on a sofa to perform.

There is also an automapping feature new to these video games, which will at minimum draw about 90% of the map for you as you trek through the Yggdrasil labyrinth. You just might will need to pop icons on the map below or there for stairs, chests, and so forth.

I merely swapped from applying a controller to navigate the menus and dungeons, whilst grabbing the mouse cursor close by when I desired to attract maps, and that worked well sufficient for me. There are also complete keyboard and mouse controls readily available for those who want to enjoy the complete game that way, and in my knowledge, this will work very very well. You can even use a mouse cursor by yourself to engage in the entirety of the match, whilst I truly feel this is to some degree sluggish, while pleasant for accessibility.

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Having a game from a 256×192 DS display screen resolution to widescreen large definition is no easy feat. Not only do all the character artwork, qualifications art, and dungeon aesthetics want to be upgraded, but also the game’s consumer interface is overhauled as nicely to healthy a new part ratio. Some UI things have also now been manufactured uniform throughout the three game titles, these types of as the class ability trees. For the most aspect, the get the job done done below is admirable. Character portraits glimpse pretty wonderful on a 4K observe, and I believe several qualifications artwork in shops is effectively finished, looking at a lot of this was obscured by the UI in the initial release. Anti-aliasing operation in the Personal computer version also assists, of class, eliminating some edge artifacts. The dungeon aesthetics by themselves are colourful, though visual fidelity is not necessarily Etrian Odyssey’s sturdy accommodate.

On the other hand, there are a number of font problems that just take a minimal obtaining used to. Particularly, the fonts feel a very little little bit mismatched, with the character name font at the base of the display staying in particular offputting. I am certain on Laptop that font mods will crop up for persons hunting to customise their personal preferences. Font weirdness is honestly one of the even larger issues with the remaster not sizeable more than enough to disregard it fully, but it however normally takes just a minor finding utilized to, at minimum.

A single particularly noteworthy new ingredient is that, whilst not remixed completely, all the synth FM tunes in the Origins Collection has been remastered by original composer and dwelling legend Yuzo Koshiro himself applying a PC88 (YM2608A) seem source. I’m surely no seem professional to tell you exactly how this is diverse from the authentic implementation on DS, but I adore the FM synth style, and the tunes in this remaster is superb in general. The audio is clear, punchy, and there are a several tracks that I drastically prefer with the tuned-up seem. 

Etrian Odyssey has just about every little thing you’d want from a dungeon-crawling RPG: adaptable class and occasion-creating, hard bosses, very good artwork & new music, labyrinthian dungeons, and a good deal of loot. Individually, my beloved in this established is Etrian Odyssey III, which I believe nevertheless has the pinnacle artwork layout for the sequence, exciting dungeon gimmicks, furthermore the addition of subclasses enormously expands participant selections in constructing their crew, even if it indicates it can be less complicated to split the game’s trouble curve. Etrian Odyssey II is probably my least favourite of the 3, mainly because of to its monotonous sidequests. It still has fantastic music though.


Etrian Odyssey has hardly ever been hugely centered on narrative things, exterior of the 3DS remakes. Even so, the stories in these a few online games are current sufficient and persuasive plenty of in their simplicity. EO3 has the most outward narrative of the trio, for people who need to have a bit far more of a narrative hook to attach to an RPG. Just be knowledgeable that dungeon crawling and spherical-based battles are at the forefront below.

Other than the visual facelift for this remaster, which is sizeable, the most significant other addition to the Origins Collection is probably the extra problem modes. The first games had been truly really tough, specially the unique Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey II. In accordance to Atlus, this first issues has now been labeled the “Professional” method, with Standard and Picnic modes becoming extra, and equally staying simpler. These are welcome additions of class, creating Etrian Odyssey extra palatable to those outside of the diehard dungeon crawler fanbase that relishes hard battles, Other additions consist of an automapping feature to have the dungeon map manufactured largely for you as you go, in addition a lot more help you save slots and some new portrait solutions. The video games shift more rapidly all round, as well, which is enjoyable.

I usually don’t area far too significantly consideration on a game’s pricepoint in a critique. In point, I have penned practically 100 assessments on RPG Website, and I’m not sure I’ve at any time specifically described price tag prior to, due to the fact value-for-cost is an very subjective ingredient that each and every unique weighs otherwise. But the price tag of the Etrian Odyssey Origins Selection caught my consideration, and not necessarily in a favorable way. Every of the 3 titles is priced at $40 independently, with the collection priced at $80 (which means a notable discount when acquired as a trilogy pack). It can be also well worth noting the western release of these games is electronic-only, though a bodily English edition is readily available in Asian regions.


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I don’t want to diminish the really hard operate that went into remastering these three video games and the fees expected for that, but this price tag feels like a potential misfire. Diehard lovers, like me, may possibly not mind the cost so substantially because we by now know we like these online games, but I consider $40 or additional is a challenging barrier of entry for someone unfamiliar with the sequence who might not know if they will get pleasure from the game titles or not, also recognizing they are much more than 10 many years old. It’s also just bizarre to me that, produced by the identical company, you can obtain modernized versions of the two Persona 3 and Persona 4 for the price of a one Etrian Odyssey title.

As for the Pc variation itself, for a dungeon crawler, you you should not require various graphical choices, but there are a handful of awesome alternatives to make. The match supports resolutions of at the very least up to 4K, as well as significant framerates previously mentioned 120fps, which would make navigating the game’s dungeons and menus exceptionally snappy. There are anti-aliasing and VSync options, as perfectly as a borderless mode, and that’s about it. This is a minimal-depth sport that should really operate high-quality on reduce-run devices and laptops.


Etrian Odyssey is an superb dungeon-crawling RPG sequence, and the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is commendable. Other than an eyebrow-raising pricepoint, some minor font weirdness, and getting employed to a single-monitor interface, this collection is an outstanding remaster that the series warrants. Now let us hope the wait for Etrian Odyssey VI isn’t way too lengthy.