June 21, 2024

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David Gaider’s musical RPG seems on Steam with a new title

In 2019, previous Dragon Age guide author David Gaider unveiled his new studio, Summerfall Studios, and its 1st venture, a mythological musical journey activity known as Refrain (opens in new tab). A lot has altered since then, together with the title, which was re-discovered now by publisher Humble Video games as Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (opens in new tab).

Stray Gods will take spot in a “fashionable fantasy environment” and follows the story of Grace, who is granted the electricity of a Muse that allows her to draw other individuals into musical figures. But it can be not all song and dance: She’s given the electric power after the previous Muse of Greek mythology dies in her arms, and finds herself drawn into a top secret globe of gods and monsters, who live concealed amid humanity. In this new lifestyle, she will have to navigate a earth loaded with “hilarious, enigmatic, and delightful figures,” and unravel the thriller of the dying of her predecessor.