December 7, 2023

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Cafe-themed reverse tower defense RPG Affogato declared for Personal computer

Publisher Spiral Up Online games and developer Befun Studio have announced Affogato, a cafe-themed RPG showcasing a reverse tower defense battle method with cards. It will start for Personal computer by means of Steam in 2023.

Listed here is an overview of the match, through its Steam web site:


Affogato is a RPG concentrated about a quite maiden, her leisurely daily life in the metropolis, reversed tower defense, and producing positive the cafe stays afloat.

As a sorceress who’s just arrived in Arorua, you should deal with the two your financial debt and the running of your coffee store. As a barista, you will fulfill buyers of all kinds and hear all the enchanting stories they have to notify. And because you’re a sorceress, you can use your arcane skills to travel proper into their minds and uncover their deepest insider secrets.

Model-New Reversed Tower Protection Program with Playing cards

An all-new fight system—reversed tower defense. And nope, it is not very so easy as a tower defense reversed!

Reversed tower protection overcome awaits as soon as you have stepped into the brain of an NPC. It is a process that brings together different card-video game mechanics: you’ll have to have to look at what you’ll engage in, its charge, what route to get, and how to finest use your talent and merchandise playing cards.

Welcome to Arorua the Evening City

A blended artwork style with distinctive 3D globe and 2D characters—-welcome to the everlasting night of Arorua.

Develop One of a kind Friendships by Supporting Buyers

Get to know clients of all versions, hear their tales, action into their minds and remedy what’s troubling them. You can even go after closer relationships with people you take a liking to!

There are 6 NPCs with whom you can interact, each and every with a whopping 10,000 text of unique storylines.

Routine Your Day by day everyday living as a Sorceress

Manage your time sensibly. Will you emphasis on your cafe’s profit? Or on your friendships with each customer? Or perhaps you’re additional intrigued in making the strongest deck you can? Probably all of the higher than!

Each individual action costs time in Affogato. As soon as the clock hits 12PM, the up coming day will roll about, so you’ll want to prepare each and every day with care.

Climb the Job Ladder of Professional Coffee Baristas

Generating a fantastic cuppa is the foundation of remaining a barista. To be a truly excellent barista, even so, you require to weigh up a customer’s phrases and decide which brew is excellent for them. Convey a smile with just about every cup you make!

Affogato functions real looking coffee-producing simulation in which you will want to familiarize your self with the workings of different machines to make your brew. Distinct flavors and blends will have knock-on consequences on the storyline dialogue.

Look at the announcement trailer beneath. Look at the first screenshots at the gallery.

Announce Trailer