June 21, 2024

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Best Landing Spots for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite is one of the most popular live-service games, drawing in millions of players yearly. With around 100 players launching out of the battle bus into each map, it can be hard to know where to land in the heat of the moment. Fortunately, Chrome has brought some new and unique landing spots as part of Fortnite Chapter Three, season four.

Wherever you land, you’ll need to know where to find the best loot and get rid of any other players who landed there with you. Here are all the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter Three, season four.

Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter Three, season four

While there are a number of good POIs on the map, it also matters which way the battle bus is going across the top of the island. If you’re going to have to drop in and make it across the map by using your glider, you’re going to be that much more behind your enemies. It’s almost always worth dropping into a closer POI if you’re looking for action.

Herald’s Sanctum

A screengrab from Fortnite.gg showing The Herald's Sanctum, a new POI where The Herald can be found
Screengrab via Fortnite.gg

Sanctuary is no more, having been corrupted by The Herald and her Chrome at the start of this season. What used to be The Seven’s base has met the same fate as most of that group, turned to Chrome. Players will find a lot of Chrome gear here on the ground and in the Chrome Chests, which almost guarantee half a stack of the new Chrome Splash weapon.

The Chrome in this POI is the largest so far, with it likely spreading outward from here as the season continues. Players can choose to take on The Herald, but they need to be prepared to do 1,200 damage to take her down.

Reality Tree

A screengrab of Fortnite's map showing the Reality Tree dead biome
Screengrab via Fortnite.gg

While the biome may be dead now, the Reality Tree still offers plenty of loot for those who are willing to look. While the main tree is falling apart, the roots growing through the ground are still active. Players can collect the seeds from these pods still and create their own loot with a Reality Tree sapling.

These roots can be found all across the island, but the most concentrated area will be found around the main Reality Tree.

Tilted Towers

A screengrab from Fortnite.gg showing the Tilted Towers location with a dead tree and a large hot air balloon attached to the top of a building
Screengrab via Fortnite.gg

Always a classic, Tilted Towers is a great spot to land for players who want to immediately start fighting several opponents as soon as they land. Since it’s in the center of the map, Tilted Towers is usually close to the battle bus’ path. Thanks to Rebuild the Block 2.0, there are now three whole new buildings in Tilted that players can explore.

While the Chrome hasn’t reached there yet, it appears that No Sweat Insurance is preparing for it with their balloon attached to the top of the building. It’s likely as Chrome spreads, NSI is going to take their building into the sky to avoid it.

Cloudy Condos

A screengrab from Fortnite.gg showing Cloudy Condos lifted above the sky with Chrome seeping under it
Screengrab via Fortnite.gg

This POI currently has the benefit of being the first major landmark to take to the skies. As Chrome begins spreading in the northeast part of the POI, this gives players options in whether they want to collect loot or go straight to the Chrome to look for the Chrome Splash and EvoChrome weapons. Players can also mine some Chrome and use it to change chests into Chrome Chests.

All of the condos in this part of the map have been lifted into the sky, only accessible by ziplines and launch pads.