September 30, 2023

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5 Ways Video Game Can Affect Communication

Whether video games affect communication skills negatively or positively is a question most parents have asked and are still asking.

The fact that not just kids but some adults are very addicted to video games cannot be overemphasized, and many fear that it might harm the gamers. Fortunately, video games have helped a lot of people improve the way they communicate and interact in the society.

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Now, let’s put you through ways video games affect communication:

1.  Video games improve your social life

Indeed, most people who found solace in video games are people who lack what it takes to communicate in public. But with the recent development in some video games where you can interact online with other gamers, your communication skills are sure to improve by playing these games.

2.  It promotes teamwork

Teamwork also improves communication skills. In recent times, teamwork has become quite common in schools and offices as it makes your job easier and faster. But how are video games helpful with promoting teamwork? When you play video games with other people, your knowledge widens and you get to learn new skills from other players. If you can build teamwork in the gaming world, then even if you are the shy type, you can equally build teamwork in the real world and you get to communicate better.

3.  It improves communication among parents and kids

For most families, game time is bonding time. So, if you have kids that love to spend most of their time playing video games, you should also learn to join them, because that way, your child tends to open up more to you. Your child gets excited and tends to tell you everything about their day while playing video games.

4.  Video games build self-esteem and confidence of a child help with better communication in public

When you see some kids shy away from talking in public, it might be because their ego has been deflated and communicating with their friends becomes a huge issue. But, it has been proven that playing video games boost self-esteem and confidence, as well as improving communication skills in public.

5.  It reduces socialization

The effects of playing video games aren’t all positive, as there are some negative effects that arise from it too. For instance, most kids who get addicted to video games tend to withdraw from the world and dwell in the game they play. They chase their friends and loved ones away and make friends with their video games. This may cause depression among such kids which isn’t good for their mental health.

Video games affect communication both positively and negatively. Playing video games without getting too addicted or attached is great, but when you get too addicted to it, this might lead to some negative consequences.