May 20, 2024

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What to expect in the League of Legends Netflix show Arcane

The incredibly popular MOBA game League of Legends will make its television debut on Netflix November 6th with the show Arcane.

Earlier this year, Netflix premiered the debut of a massively popular online MOBA game when it released DOTA: Dragon’s Blood to the streaming platform. As good as that series was, there is even more potential with the League of Legends series Arcane which will finally make its debut on Netflix November 6.

The show is based on the most played online game in the world, League of Legends. The show’s release will coincide with the conclusion of the finals of League of Legends Worlds Championship. It wraps up another successful season of esports competition and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The game’s popularity has created spinoffs before this show was released. There’s a tactics version called Team Fight Tactics, a card based game called Legends of Runeterra, and it even spawned comics based on the champion Lux in 2020 with more to come in the future, hence the reason the series is being covered on this website.

This season will focus on the political conflict between the cities of Piltover and Zaun. Plitover is the wealthy extravagant city that has domineered over its poverty stricken brethren in Zaun. So while I can’t say definitively that characters like Lux and Garen from Damacia won’t be in this season, it seems unlikely at best.

Which champions from the game will be in the show?

There are currently seven confirmed playable characters from the game League of Legends which will appear in Arcane. Here are those champions:

  • Jinx
  • Vi
  • Caitlyn
  • Viktor
  • Jayce
  • Heimerdinger
  • Ekko

This is the only ones that can be confirmed either through a cast listing or through things we’ve seen in the trailers for the show. There could be others, but it’s too hard to say at this time.

Are Mel, Silco, and Vander actually characters from the game using alternate names?

The central characters in the series will be the first five listed above, with Heimerdinger and Ekko being more ancillary characters in the show. But there are three other characters which some are wondering if they are actually characters in the game but using different names.

The two primary rumors revolve around Vander and Silco. There are many who believe Vander is actually Warwick before he was transformed into the wolf creature he is in the game by Singed. Based on the character poster from the official Arcane Twitter account, one could easily see Vander transformed into Warwick.

The other rumor is that Silco is actually Singed, or at the very least a contemporary of Singed. He has a similar appearance, and Silco looks to be working with the types of chemicals Singed works with.

What is the plot of Arcane?

The plot of Arcane will revolve around the cities of Zaun and Plitover, as previously stated. Much of the story though will be told through the lens of Jinx and Vi. The lore of Jinx has always had her with an obsession with Vi, and many fans of the games thought there was strong evidence to link the pair as sisters.

We know from the first two trailers of Arcane that Riot is finally confirming those thoughts. We’ll get the backstory on how their relationship devolved and how Vi and Caitlyn eventually became partners.

There will be other stories to be told as well. And while those stories should be interesting, the focus of the series will be on Jinx and her sister Vi.

Arcane release date

Arcane will have a different release strategy than most Netflix shows. Usually, when Netflix releases a show, they release every episode for a season all at once. This will not be the case for Arcane.

Arcane will release in three acts. The first act will consist of three episodes and release on November 6 at 7 p.m. ET. The next three episodes in act two will release a week later on November 13. The final act and last three episodes will release one week later on November 20.

Anticipation is high for Arcane

Arcane is a show two years in the making. It was supposed to release in 2020, but like many things, the pandemic held up production.

The postponement built up the excitement for the show, but it was nothing compared to the people who played the game already. Fans of League of Legends have wanted the game to get a television or movie treatment for years, and those millions of players are finally getting their wish.

How excited are you for Arcane? Do you play League of Legends? Let us know in the comments.