April 21, 2024

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This year, Blaseball became a massively co-operative tactical strategy game

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The PC Gamer Game of the Year Awards 2021

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In addition to our main Game of the Year Awards 2021, each member of the PC Gamer team is shining a spotlight on a game they loved this year. We’ll post new staff picks, alongside our main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

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Earlier this year, I planned to write about the complexities of Blaseball’s Expansion Era. If you’ve not been following the simulated sport, you perhaps still heard the occasional tale of wild systemic shenanigans—the time the league’s fans collaborated to do necromancy, or the cruel whims of a malevolent peanut god. These were the stories of the Discipline Era—a simpler time, where the collision of storytelling and simulation could be more easily encapsulated in a few short sentences.