June 21, 2024

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This mod turns Stellaris into the Mass Outcome approach game you have dreamed of

If, like me, you’ve got always desired to see a far more strategic, zoomed-out acquire on the Mass Impact placing, you’re in luck: the Binary Helix mod team (cheekily named for a genetic engineering company in Mass Result) is building the Beyond the Relays (opens in new tab) challenge for Stellaris—a  total conversion of the house tactic sim to the Mass Influence setting.

Stellaris has a history of fantastic whole conversion mods, with previous initiatives bringing Star Trek (opens in new tab) and Warhammer 40K (opens in new tab) to life in the setting. Furthermore, gifted modders have, in the previous, built personal addons based on Mass Result to Stellaris, but Past the Relays seems to recreate the whole location down to its political local weather and procedures of area vacation.