June 17, 2024

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System video game from hell Solium Infernum will get its 1st gameplay trailer

League Of Geek’s Solium Infernum revival was initial discovered at the finish of previous yr, and though I bought to see a pretty early alpha variation of it back again then, the subsequent demo footage was not rather ready for public usage. Happily, League Of Geeks have now included the remaining bit of infernal spit and polish to Solium’s very first gameplay trailer, which has been revealed off throughout IGN Fanfest this week. Occur and have a gander.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=IvQA1P3Akrk

In case you require reminding, Solium Infernum is a tactic match established in hell the place you engage in an Archfiend combating to assert Satan’s vacant throne. As well as manoeuvring armies of demonspawn about its ashen, hexagonal landscape, you are going to be politicking with other Archfiends following the similar target, striking offers, stabbing them in the again, and normally outwitting them to assert your hellish prize.

In my alpha demo, I noticed 4 of its Archfiends in action: Andromalius (the fallen blond angel boy from the trailer), Lilith (the feathery harpie), Astaroth (the huge, armoured demon prince), and Belial (the horned smug vizier variety whose fingers are seemingly locked in a long lasting steeple). In this new trailer, although, we can see two extra: Murmur, an offended winged marquis whose helmet appears to be to comprise the Eye Of Sauron on it, and Erzsebet, a princess with big purple eyes and a flair for Elizabethan fashion.

You can see a pair of them hissing and chittering away in its diplomatic menu screens in the trailer, and you will be staring at their unpleasant mugs fairly a bit as you program your turns. You can also see its legion battles in full swing, much too, the place 100-solid hordes demons clash on the fields of Hell in totally simulated scraps.

Even better, we get a glimpse of some of its Titans in motion, far too, which are powerful models you can summon into struggle if you attain the proper ritual spell and statuette. When I spoke to League Of Geeks co-founder Trent Kusters last year all through Solium’s preliminary expose, he mentioned Titans had been anything new they were being bringing to their edition of Solium Infernum, but that many of them were primarily based on the authentic game’s most potent and devastating legions, so there might be a couple common faces in there if you are a hardened Solium-ite.

There’s nonetheless no phrase on when Solium Infernum will be launching just nonetheless, but the intention is still someday later on this year, in accordance to League Of Geeks, so we are going to keep you posted as before long as we know a lot more. In the meantime, you can examine out additional about it in excess of on Steam.