September 27, 2023

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Most effective audio configurations for Halo Infinite Period 1

Seem is really important in aggressive FPS games, so below are the best audio options for Halo Infinite Season 1, which includes how to resolve the bug that mutes all audio from powering.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched just about a month early, giving the common sci-fi FPS expertise to casual and competitive lovers alike.

But no make any difference the mode, you generally want to be participating in your ideal. Applying the most effective controller, FOV, and Pc options are important, but audio is equally required. Hearing each and every element of the video game will grant extra spatial consciousness, vastly strengthening your response occasions.

Right here are the most effective audio options for Halo Infinite, as nicely as how to deal with the situation that mutes all appears powering you.

Ideal Halo Infinite audio settings


  • Major: 9
  • Voice: 7
  • Audio: 4
  • Audio Outcomes: 10
  • Environmental Consequences: 4
  • Hit Detection Consequences: 10
  • Inactive Mute: Off

Most of the volume alternatives are down to own decision, but you often want to make sure that Audio Results and Hit Detection Consequences are turned all the way up.

It can be pretty difficult to hear enemy footsteps and notice you are receiving shot, so you want to improve your odds of listening to these issues as considerably as attainable.


Dynamic Variety: Dynamic Manner

You should really be certain Dynamic Vary is set to Dynamic Manner, as it will make it so that “loud sounds are loud and silent seems are silent,” creating the audio appears a lot more normal and significantly less flat.


  • Visibility: On
  • Display screen: All
  • Sizing: Medium
  • Track record Opacity: .7
  • Emphasize: Speaker

If you want to use subtitles though enjoying Halo Infinite, we propose applying the options previously mentioned.

Spartans in Halo Infinite multiplayer


  • Voice Chat Input Device: Your microphone/headset
  • Voice Chat Method: Thrust-to-Converse
  • Fireteam & Foyer Chat: On
  • Match Chat: On
  • Incoming Voice Chat Quantity: 9
  • Spartan Chatter: On

Drive-to-Communicate is the ideal option for actively playing Halo Infinite, as you can opt for when you want to be heard. But you should established it to Open Mic if you want to have entire, open up interaction with your crew.

We also advise acquiring Spartan Chatter on, as you will be able to listen to what in-activity characters connect with out, giving you a tiny bit a lot more recognition.

How to deal with Halo Infinite audio challenges

Master Chief helmet in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite players have complained that the footstep and strike indication audio are subsequent to ineffective, with it just about unachievable to listen to anything behind you. Best streamer Dr Disrespect has presently claimed there needs to be a lot more indicator that you’re acquiring shot, but it seems a bug is earning factors even worse.

There is presently an situation in Halo Infinite wherever working with the improper headphone options will mute all sounds coming from guiding you. But thankfully, Reddit consumer rhylte appears to have identified a non permanent fix.

Halo Infinite expects your headphones to be set to Stereo, but Windows can default your headphones to Encompass 7.1. Applying 7.1 will mute all appears driving you when participating in Halo Infinite, so thanks to rhylte, here’s how to resolve it.

How to find Stereo audio for Halo Infinite

Here’s how to swap your audio to Stereo:

  1. Suitable click the Sound Icon on your taskbar
  2. Simply click on ‘Sounds’
  3. Decide on the ‘Playback’ tab
  4. Choose your device and hit ‘Configure’
  5. Underneath ‘Choose your configuration’ and ‘Audio Channels,’ click on ‘Stereo’

How to take care of Stereo audio lacking bug

Nonetheless, not everybody will have Stereo outlined as an solution, so rhylte offered a correct for this also:

  1. Open ‘Device Manager’
  2. Expand ‘Sound, video and recreation controllers’ 
  3. Right click your output unit and click ‘Update driver’
  4. Click ‘Browse my computer system for drivers’
  5. Click ‘Let me choose from a record of readily available motorists on my computer’
  6. Select ‘USB Audio Device’ and click ‘Next’
  7. Restart your pc
  8. Go to ‘Sound manage panel’ by suitable-clicking the seem icon on your taskbar, clicking on ‘sound,’ and then the ‘Playback’ tab
  9. Choose your output gadget, and click ‘Configure’
  10. Choose the ‘Stereo’ option and then click on ‘Next’ to finish the configuration

How to roll again audio motorists

rhylte explained that if you can roll back again your drivers if updating the drivers brought any unforeseen concerns. To do this, you want to:

  1. Open up ‘Device Manager’
  2. Expand ‘Sound, online video and recreation controllers’ 
  3. Double-click on your output product
  4. Select the ‘Driver’ tab
  5. Either:
    • Click on ‘Roll Again Driver’
    • Click on ‘Update Driver’ and choose “the driver suitable for your product (manufactured by the maker)”
  6. If this does not perform, you can uninstall and reinstall the machine

You should really now be capable to hear all the things driving you in Halo Infinite, making a substantial distinction to the audio and your have general performance!

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Graphic Credit rating: 343 Industries