June 17, 2024

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Minecraft Legends ‘brings down the tempo’ of normal strategy video games, Mojang claims

When it determined to convert Minecraft into a tactic video game, Mojang had a pair specific goals, as creative director Magnus Nedfors described through an job interview in the Xbox booth at Gamescom this 7 days. Minecraft Legends had to keep a considerably indescribable “Minecraft sense,” and also work nicely with a controller for console players. Mojang and enhancement lover Blackbird Interactive managed both, Nedfors stated, by turning it into an action method game—a genre combo that seriously would not have a ton of effective examples to pull from.

“A different aspect of Minecraft is that we usually have a hero character,” Nedfors reported. Mojang and Blackbird wound up with a recreation that was one element hero-centric and also about managing armies. It grew to become an action method video game exactly where you traverse the battlefield on horseback, commanding armies from on the floor, not a typical RTS that is performed from much above the battlefields. “That’s not popular in method games,” he details out.