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Canceled 50 %-Lifestyle games explored in concept art treasure trove

Canceled 50 %-Lifestyle games explored in concept art treasure trove

New strategy artwork and particulars for prolonged-identified canceled Fifty percent-Life online games have been unveiled, as there have been many spin-offs in the Valve FPS game collection that have not viewed a appropriate launch more than the previous two a long time. These canceled 50 %-Lifestyle game titles by no means observed the light-weight of day for vastly distinct causes, but getting even just a tiny bit of new facts about them is completely amazing.

Which is suitable, numerous major aspects about a myriad of canceled Fifty percent-Daily life online games have been uncovered in a brand name new DidYouKnowGaming video. The channel shares new details, interviews, and notion art for recognised canceled 50 %-Lifestyle video games, and we’ll split down some of the greater stuff down below.

A person job DYKG can take purpose at is the Fifty percent-Daily life 2 Episode 4 Ravenholm spin-off venture at Arkane, together with consolidating what we knew about Episode 3, like the written treatment method of the potential tale from Valve author Marc Laidlaw.

It’s also really worth noting that close to the 12-moment mark in DYKG’s video clip, there are some brand name new scans for Fifty percent-Lifestyle 2 Episode 3. The crew claims it will be sending out a backlink next week that will be made obtainable to every person which will have all the higher-resolution scans simply obtainable, so hold an eye out for that.

In truth, a ten years in advance of 50 %-Daily life Alyx Valve was working on a VR spin-off that would have centered on Alyx and her robotic companion Pet. DYKG also managed to get some extra new hardly ever-ahead of-noticed thought artwork for this title as well, and the workforce talks to Valve collector David McGreavy, who has the original art receiving uploaded quickly.

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“There was an impartial Alyx and Dog VR working experience that was being toyed with,” McGreavy tells DYKG. “My comprehending was that it was likely to be a VR encounter with Alyx and Pet dog, heading into the world and checking out. So form of like Half-Existence Alyx, but significantly less Town 17, less urban environments, and additional out into the [world].

In accordance to McGreavy, this Alyx and Pet dog video game would have permit Valve and the participant explore the wider Fifty percent-Life environment, but it never ever truly received out of the principle stage. DYKG donated the expenses of finding these large-excellent strategy artwork scans to McGreavy, who also has the new scans of Episode 3 that are incoming as very well.

DYKG also has some new strategy art for Stars of Blood, a video game set in the Half-Existence universe that would have involved house pirates. Really minimal outside of the decade-outdated idea artwork is recognized about Stars of Blood, so DYKG asks McGreavy what he’s heard.

It was intended to be area pirate themed,” McGreavy describes. “Exploring various worlds, likely. My comprehension was it was however heading to be a initially-individual shooter, but a lot more of an exploratory detail.

“Kind of like a 50 percent-Life just in the perception that it is not just about functioning and gunning, it was the exploration and getting the things, and not just locating a key or a button. So additional like 50 percent-Daily life 2 but in that wider earth.

Canceled Half-Life games explored in concept art treasure trove

“There was a powerful instant for a extensive time of like ‘how do we link every thing to make a shared universe?’” McGreavy proceeds. “I know that Marc Laidlaw and a few of the other writers ended up like ‘That’s form of a negative thought.’”

McGreavy is less than the impact that Stars of Blood almost certainly under no circumstances even became a activity design document. It was probably in its place only at any time a “cool idea” that Valve explored prior to scrapping it.

If you weren’t knowledgeable of what Half-Existence 3 just about could have been, DYKG breaks down Geoff Keighley’s preceding job interview with Valve’s David Speyer, who was working on a possible Fifty percent-Everyday living 3 in 2013 that would have centered on procedurally produced content. Speyer was operating on a prototype at Valve that would stitch procedurally generated locations among hand-crafted story segments. Valve’s new motor at the time, Supply 2, was unfinished even though, and this buried the idea.

The DYKG online video has even additional details and some pictures of the forthcoming new principle artwork, so we recommend examining it out.

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