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Best FPS game deals at Steam Summer Sale 2023

Best FPS game deals at Steam Summer Sale 2023

The FPS (First-Person Shooter) genre is arguably the most popular among players. It includes a massive catalog of games, including across many sub-genres. These range from massive names like Call of Duty and Far Cry to experimental titles like Superhot. As such, there is plenty of variety on offer for players.

The latest Steam Summer Sale is a great opportunity for gamers to purchase exciting FPS games at great discounts. Considering the numerous options, choosing the right game can sometimes be difficult. Hence, here are five awesome picks during the ongoing Steam Summer Sale.

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Check out these five great FPS games on discount during Steam Summer Sale 2023

1) Ultrakill (25% off)

  • Original price: $25.99
  • Discounted price: $18.74

Thanks to a recent surge in old-school shooters, Steam has seen an influx of indie games inspired by FPS games from the 1980-90s. One of the best examples is Ultrakill. Developed by Arsu “Hakita” Patala, this fast-paced shooter is now available outside early access.

Players control V1, a blood-fueled robot that ventures into Hell after the extinction of humanity. With a horde of demonic evil awaiting slaughter, one must employ a series of over-the-top maneuvers to make it through each level.

There are varied weapons to pick from, each demanding skill to pull off. As an example, the pistol features an alt-fire that launches a coin, which, when shot, can auto-hit enemy weak spots.

It combines the skill ceiling of character-action games with retro shooter design. Coupled with advanced movement mechanics, skilled players can pull off some insane tricks. With its polished level design and majestic boss fights, Ultrakill is the ultimate package for FPS gamers.

2) Halo: The Master Chief Collection (75% off)

  • Original price: $39.99
  • Discounted price: $9.99

The Halo franchise is one of Xbox’s biggest IPs and remains renowned today. The Master Chief Collection combines some of the most beloved entries in the iconic sci-fi FPS series into one package. It includes:

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
  • Halo: Reach
  • Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo 4

Each of these classics puts players in the shoes of Master Chief. Originally released for various Xbox consoles, each game features a meaty, action-packed campaign. From the showdown against the Flood in Halo CE to the Warthog escape sequence in Halo 3, relive iconic moments across the franchises’ history.

To top it off, all games feature co-op and multiplayer aspects. Players can duke it out with friends or team up with three buddies to complete the campaign.

3) DOOM Eternal (67% off)

  • Original price: $39.99
  • Discounted price: $13.19

The DOOM franchise is one of the oldest FPS series in existence. Since its inception in the early 90s, the gory action franchise has not lost its shine. The latest incarnation DOOM Eternal is arguably at its peak. The DOOM Slayer returns to deal with the hellish forces that have begun invading Earth.

Armed with powerful weaponry, players navigate handcrafted set-pieces and battle various demons. DOOM Slayer’s arsenal ranges from the familiar BFG and Super Shotgun to new sidearms like the Flame Belch. While this game builds upon the foundation of its 2016 predecessor, it goes above and beyond.

Faster traversal, new platforming mechanics, and larger levels make this the definitive DOOM experience.

4) Neon White (30% off)

  • Original price: $24.99
  • Discounted price: $17.49

Perhaps the most unusual entry on this list, Neon White, is a speedrunner’s dream. An assassin from Hell called White competes with other hellbound assassins for a spot in Heaven. This sees players compete in tightly wound levels involving speed and skill. Players will platform across each level using different acquired cards.

These can be used for shooting targets and have alternate uses for platforming, like a slam. This coupling of combat and traversal makes for an exciting FPS experience. Players are urged to hone their skills by aiming for the best times and scores on the leaderboard.

Neon White is a game like no other FPS on this list that will appeal to newcomers and veterans of the genre.

5) Atomic Heart (34% off)

  • Original price: $59.99
  • Discounted price: $39.59

Atomic Heart had been on fans’ radars for a while, and the end result certainly met expectations. Explore the 1940s USSR through an alternate-history lens. With major advancements in robotics, the Soviet Union leads the technology front. But things take a sharp turn as the mass AI network controlling all automatons goes rogue. Now Agent P-3 must step in to deal with the mess using violence.

Utilize different weapons to tackle robot threats of varied types. Given the large scale of the threat, augmentation also plays a key role. Freeze foes or shock them using the experimental glove and dish out damage using traditional ranged weapons. Face mutants and mechanic threats through challenging set-pieces while finding a way to stop the robot menace.

Steam Summer Sale will be live for a couple of weeks and is expected to end on July 13, 2023.

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