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Baizhu supplies: Ideal Genshin Impression farming routes

Baizhu supplies: Ideal Genshin Impression farming routes

Get some herbs for this healer.

In the planet of Teyvat, healers perform a critical function in making sure the nicely-becoming of its inhabitants. From all those who command the electricity of the undead to individuals who summon mystical sea creatures or make a area of swirling dandelions, there are many kinds of healers in this realm.

Between them is the to start with-ever 5-star Dendro healer is a medical professional identified as Baizhu.

As 1 of the original Dendro people that travelers meet up with in their journey, Baizhu runs the Bubu Pharmacy, positioned at the coronary heart of Liyue, exactly where he will help recover the citizens of the area working with his bitter, medicinal herbs and his trustworthy conversing pet snake, Changsheng.

In combat, Baizhu proves to be a precious asset to any group, working with his Gossamer Sprite to mend wounded party users and offering an additional protect that properly absorbs Dendro harm with his greatest skill.

If you are looking at incorporating this doctor to your staff, make guaranteed to maintain your apples and refer to this guideline for the required resources.

Spots and routes of Baizhu components for Character Ascension

Jadeplume Terrorshroom

  • Locale of boss is found northwest of Vissudha Field in Sumeru
  • 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver
  • 9 Nagadus Emerald Fragments
  • 9 Nagadus Emerald Chunks
  • 6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstones
  • To unlock this manager, you have to unlock the region of Sumeru
  • Alternate source: Dendro Hypostasis

Evergloom Ring

  • Spot of the boss is north of Gate of Zulqarnain
  • 46 Evergloom Rings
Iniquitous Baptist in Genshin Impact
Credit history: HoYoverse


  • Violetgrass is completely found in the location of Liyue
  • 168 Violetgrass

Below are three sample farming routes for Violetgrass:


  • Fungi are completely observed in the location of Sumeru
  • 18 Fungal Spores
  • 30 Luminescent Pollen
  • 36 Crystalline Cyst Dust

Fungi are a special enemy sort that drops diverse resources centered on their state. Here’s a speedy tutorial on how to effectively farm Fungal Spores.

Listed here are three sample farming routes for Fungi:

Locations and routes of Baizhu resources for Talent Ascension

The Realm of Beginnings (Apep area)

  • Place is at the border of The Desert of Hadramaveth
  • 6 Worldspan Fern
  • You need to full Nahida’s story quest “What Form Does the Self Maintain in Sapientia Oromasdis” Chapter: Act II – Homecoming to unlock this area
  • A rarer variety of Baizhu components for Ascension, only appears once a 7 days as a Trounce Domain
Traveler Aether fighting Apep
Credit: HoYoverse

Taishan Mansion area on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Location is in the middle of Jueyun Karst
  • 3 Teachings of Gold
  • 21 Guides to Gold
  • 38 Philosophies of Gold
Location of Taishan Mansion domain in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/1 Esports


  • 6 Fungal Spores
  • 22 Luminescent Pollen
  • 31 Crystalline Cyst Dust

Crown of Insight

  • 3 Crowns of Insight
  • Obtainable by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to Degree 11, upgrading the Sacred Sakura’s Favor to at minimum Level 15, upgrading the Sumeru Tree of Dreams to at minimum Amount 5, and actively playing Genshin Impact’s a variety of restricted-time situations

Here’s a guide on how to Triple Crown a character in Genshin Effects.

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