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Top 20 Best FPS Games on PC (2022)


Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Riot Games’ plan to launch a shooter to muscle its way between the likes of Counter-Strike: GO and Overwatch was an ambitious one given just how popular those franchises are, but with Valorant it has absolutely delivered on that vision. A hybrid of tactical shooting and hero play, Valorant fuses elements from both genres to create a familiar experience but one that is at the same time totally unique.

Since its launch in 2020, Valorant has quickly risen to the forefront of the multiplayer FPS scene, and it now supports a huge community of players to the extent that it’s among the most popular shooters right now. It’s very much a gameplay experience that rewards precision and skill, but it’s more accessible than Counter-Strike and its more modern design also helps make it more inclusive to a wider audience. The hardcore enthusiast scene is equally thriving, with an explosive esports scene seemingly destined to become one of the industry’s hottest.

If you’ve not yet played Valorant then initially you’ll probably find it a bit tricky. Each round is intense, demanding precise aim, teamwork, strategy, and a solid grasp of how to use each Agent. Don’t let that put you off, though, as the matchmaking system is designed to accommodate new players, and there are more casual game modes such as Spike Rush and Escalation to learn the ropes.

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Halo Infinite

Best FPS Games on PC

Halo Infinite is the step forward the franchise has so badly needed for years, introducing an entirely new open-world design to its single-player that offers a big point of difference to the linearity of previous entries. And beyond just the novelty of sandbox exploration paired with classic Halo gunplay (which is absolutely as good as it sounds), the story that binds everything together feels tonally more mature and is perhaps the series’ best yet. The campaign is simply a must-play.

The multiplayer, too, is a high watermark for Halo, which impressed us as a welcome return the classic arena shooting of the mid-2000s. The longer time-to-kill gunfights and the signature Halo Infinite weapon spawns remind us of an era of FPS titles that isn’t typical anymore. Yet, it does feel fresh and exciting in a way that has us hoping developer 343 Industries is able to deliver on the promise of its post-launch support moving forward.

You can read more about our positive impressions of the game in our Halo Infinite review.


Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Speaking of arena shooters and making the old feel new again, Splitgate: Arena Warfare reminded us that there’s still life yet in the genre. Following its full launch midway through last year, we fell in love with its unique spin on what is quite clearly Halo-inspired gunplay. But rather than merely copy a tried and true formula, Splitgate introduces a unique portal mechanic that allows players to create gateways between two points at the click of a button, teleporting them around the map.

The result is an added layer of strategy that totally shifts how you approach gunfights. With the ability to create a wormhole at any moment, you can escape tough situations, or you can shoot through your wormhole and hit enemies from unexpected angles.

It’s quite literally Halo + Portal, the video game, mixing together Portal-like traversal mechanics with Halo’s snappy first-person shooting. Splitgate is a joy to play, runs like a dream, and boasts a ton of super fun, pick-up-and-play modes that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Black Mesa

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

15 years in the making, Black Mesa is a fan-made remake of Half-Life 1 that launched back in 2020. It’s built within the framework of the latest Source engine, reimagining the original campaign by removing some of the dated and clunky puzzle gameplay to create a streamlined experience. It even includes new and expanded Xen levels.

For those who haven’t yet played Half-Life and want to explore the origins of the modern FPS scene, Black Mesa offers a more palatable way to experience a 20+-year-old game. Of course, there’s no multiplayer mode anymore, but then again all the very best Halo multiplayer spin-offs, such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, are their own games these days.

Apex Legends

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PS5, Apex Legends

Apex Legends shook up the battle royale scene when it launched back in 2017, and it’s more than stuck around since. In fact, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter has gone from strength to strength; it was one of the most played games of 2021, supported by consistent and robust updates that have included new playable characters, maps, gameplay modes, and even animated series to expand its fascinating lore.

Officially an off-shoot IP set in the universe of Titanfall, Apex Legends is equally popular as it is fun to play. It’s a battle royale FPS experience that requires both skill and strategy, but it’s easy to pick up and play which will appeal to those who don’t relish the notion of 5-hour practice sessions to learn the ropes. There’s also a new 3v3 arena mode that launched last year for those who prefer a smaller, round-based option that puts a stronger focus on gunplay than the looting and survival elements inherent to larger-scale battle games.

DOOM Eternal

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Doom Eternal earned critical acclaim for its modernization of the franchise back in 2016, and its sequel Eternal dials the action up another notch. Across the board, virtually every aspect has been improved, from the number of weapons in your arsenal to the speedier mechanics that govern traversal.

There are new enemy types, too, designed in a way that requires one to change up strategies to overcome them — there’s more to the gunplay than simply holding down the trigger. Unlike its predecessor, you really have to learn which tools are right for the job, lest you deplete your resources and make the experience much harder for yourself.

In this way, Doom Eternal is both a chaotic, intense shooting experience that incorporates a level of finesse in its design that may very well surprise you given the series’ roots. You can read Twinfinite’s full Doom Eternal review impressions for more on why we adore it so much.


Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Overwatch quickly rose to prominence following its launch in 2016. It spawned a whole new genre of hero shooters that weaved MOBA-like elements into objective-based shooting games such as Team Fortress 2, and it quickly ascended to become one of the most popular video games of the past decade.

If you’ve not played it, Overwatch is all about teamwork — there’s very little emphasis on individual plays. Each player has a set role (healer, tank, DPS, etc), and it’s only through a successful dynamic that victory can be achieved. You might, for example, rally behind Reinhart’s shield as you press toward an objective while Widow snipes from the rafters above and Lucio keeps the team topped up with health.

Over five years since its launch, Overwatch has been supported by a huge number of updates, including new heroes. The esports scene has been one of the most-watched and celebrated, too, arguably pushing the entire esports industry forward with its franchised, global league.

With a sequel just around the corner, now is a perfect time to learn the ropes of the original before the inevitable hype of Overwatch 2 sees the franchise take the spotlight once again.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Best FPS Games on PC

Counter-Strike shouldn’t need an introduction; Valve’s iconic franchise has been around for over twenty years at this point, with its latest iteration taking the franchise to new heights. Well, we say latest, but Counter-Strike: GO is over ten years old at this point! Yet, despite that, generations of CS fans still adore the game and its esports scene to such an extent that it remains relevant and doesn’t seem as though it’s going anywhere.

Of course, it’s easy to understand why if you have ever played CS: GO. The 5v5 round-based gameplay that pits counter-terrorists versus terrorists in a duel to plant/defuse the bomb is just so perfectly balanced as a competitive mode. The gunplay still has its feet rooted in the old-school of point-and-click shooting, which requires more precision and raw aim than the run-and-gun, aim-down-sighs gunplay of more modern shoots, and it’s that high skill ceiling that has seen interest in CS continue over the years. Players strive to be sharper, faster, more accurate, and more strategic in every game.

The knock-on effect to all of that, though, is a sharp learning curve. If you’re used to Call of Duty or Halo, CS: GO is going to take some getting used to. You’ll need to be prepared to spend a lot of time learning how to play, and the expectation from the community is that you endure a baptism of fire to push yourself to be better. Sound intimidating? We wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. But there’s a reason that millions of players have been logging into CS:GO every day for ten years — it’s just a brilliant game.

Rainbow Six Siege

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Rainbow Six Siege endured a bit of a tough release back in 2015, but Ubisoft went about quickly rescuing it with incredible post-launch support that included rebalancing, new operators, and a strong esports program. Today, Siege is among the best tactical-shooting experiences on PC.

The tactical-shooter distinction is important because, like Valorant and Counter-Strike, Siege is a game that requires teamwork, coordination, and precision above all else. It’s very different from Battlefield or Call of Duty gameplay; in fact, it’s even slower-paced and more methodical than many of its tactical-shooter rivals due to the nature of its design.

Teams are split into four, and either defend or attack a location to achieve different objectives (mostly bomb plant/defuse similar to CS:GO). Every gunfight is close quarters, with the action taking place inside the confines of warehouses and cramped facilities where defenders post up in sneaky locations to take down attackers who use gadgetry to seek them out as they attempt to bust in. Destructible environments mean that the pre-round phase is all about reinforcing structures for defenders, and intel gathering for attackers ahead of the ensuing, tension-filled battle.

Siege has a fairly sharp learning curve, but it’s arguably more demanding of strategy and tactics rather than raw aim and precision as are CS:GO and Valorant.

Escape From Tarkov

Best FPS Games on PC

If you’re after a realistic shooter, then there is perhaps no other video game that features such incredible attention to detail as Escape from Tarkov. From the perspective of military combat, gunplay, weapon design, and the harsh realities of war, Tarkov is brutally accurate. It’s a game that is often stressful and, at times, immensely frustrating, but ultimately it’s incredibly rewarding for those who can tough it out.

Each of Tarkov’s 60 guns can be stripped and modified in the field, and they’ll malfunction if you don’t properly maintain them. No weapon means a poor chance of survival, and if you’re hit by incoming bullets and somehow avoid death then you’ll quickly bleed out without bandages, and even fall ill without medication. Yeah, it’s that sort of survival experience.

So what exactly are you doing in Tarkov? Well, each match is 40 minutes in duration, challenging you to kill and loot as you head toward a designated extraction point. Dying means losing all of the gear you didn’t insure before the game started, but successfully completing a raid means keeping everything you’ve found to make you a stronger threat in subsequent raids. Tarkov mixes PvP and PvE elements, so not all the enemy encounters you have across its enormous map will be other players, and sometimes you might even form an uneasy alliance with the players you do meet. Be careful who you trust, though!

Borderlands 3

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Borderlands started the looter-shooter gameplay loop that has since become a mainstay of modern game design, and Borderlands 3 reminded us all that the OG franchise still does it best. Launched midway through 2020, the stylized shooter fuses RPG progression with satisfying gunplay, all wrapped up in a whimsical post-apocalyptic locale that feels unique among its rivals.

For those who have played its predecessor, Borderlands 3 will be fairly similar. Developer Gearbox played it safe, choosing to adhere to the age-old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what it lacks in new systems it more than makes up for with huge amounts of content and deep RPG systems that offer endless replayability to build out new playstyles. Combine that with genuinely witty writing and some interesting questlines and you have a sandbox shooting experience that is among the best ever made.

Twinfinite’s Borderlands 3 review offers full impressions of the game.

Titanfall 2

Best FPS Games on PC

The original Titanfall quickly became one of the best multiplayer games of its generations, and its sequel not only improved on that original formula but included among the best single-player shooter campaigns ever. Over five years since its launch, Titanfall 2 is still a must-play, with its unique blend of mech combat and intense, fast-paced gunplay.

The multiplayer mode’s community might be winding down now, but it’s still playable and really does offer a unique experience that is a high watermark for mech combat games. Again, the solo campaign is also top draw, with a compelling story and a refreshing focus on gameplay over wild cinematics and set pieces. There’s even a four-player co-op wave mode to enjoy, too.

The full Twinfinite Titanfall 2 review offers our detailed impressions of the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

The long-standing Call of Duty franchise shouldn’t need an introduction after so many successive record-breaking annual releases over the years. It would be hard to pick a favorite among them, in all honesty, which is likely to differ from player to player depending on the setting that speaks to their preference most, from WW2 theatres to the far-flung future of Infinite Warfare. And so for that reason, we haven’t, and instead given Warzone the nod, the free-to-play battle royale experience that has quickly become the series’ most popular of all time.

Warzone combines Call of Duty’s signature gunplay with the beloved battle royale loop, and it even adds innovative new features such as the gulag system to offer a point of difference from the likes of PUBG. And since its launch, Warzone has evolved into more than just a spin-off of the mainline games, serving as a platform to bind the entire series together. New announcements, for example, are often made within the game itself as the environment shifts and changes from update to update. It’s essentially a Call of Duty hub that now feels like the core experience.

Destiny 2

Best FPS Games on PC

Destiny exploded onto the scene in 2015, attracting interest for its fusion of exciting futuristic gunplay and shared-world, MMO elements. Importantly, it was all designed and built by the same development team behind the original Halo trilogy: Bungie. The sequel, Destiny 2, improves on the original in every way, offering more refined gameplay, larger and more varied environments, and a consistent string of updates and large expansions that continue to take its saga in new directions.

If you’ve not played it before, Destiny 2 is played either in online multiplayer or solo, fusing shooter and RPG elements as you take control of a Guardian from one of three classes. As you make your way through each of the game’s questlines and explore its different environments you’ll level up and upgrade your gear in pursuit of an ever-more powerful character build.

Again, the game not only receives consistent updates but enormous expansions that incorporate new characters and storylines to create a galaxy of content that is enjoyed by a huge community of players.

Twinfinite reviewed Destiny 2 back in 2017, and you can find reviews of each major expansion since by searching the site.

Far Cry 4

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

The Far Cry series became one of Ubisoft’s marquee titles following the resounding success of Far Cry 3, which changed the tone of the experience to something more whimsical than previous entries. Of course, it also featured better progression mechanics and more refined sandbox, shooter gameplay, but it was the direction of its story and premise that really laid down a template for Ubisoft to follow moving forward. And follow it has, with a fourth, fifth, and now sixth entry as of 2021.

So how did we arrive at Far Cry 4 as our top choice? For us, it has the best balance of gameplay, progression, and story overall. The fourth game improved on Far Cry 3 in terms of its refinement of that same formula, and while Vaas might still be the most iconic of the series’ bad guys, Pagan Min is also exceptionally cool — in a sinister sort of way! The open-world itself is unique, too, with its mountainous Himalayan setting completely different from anything the series has explored since.

Of course, if you’re looking for the most modern and up-to-date Far Cry experience, you can’t go wrong with the sixth entry in the series. But honestly, with each new Far Cry it feels as though the charm and purity of that beloved sandbox shooter formula are becoming staler and staler. There are new features and better graphics, sure, but there’s also a heck of a lot of bloat, and the stories and characters just aren’t as compelling as those found in Far Cry 4.


Best FPS Games on PC

PUBG is the godfather of the battle royale genre, even if it wasn’t technically the first of its kind. What it certainly did do, though, was spawn a craze that ended up taking the games industry by storm. It popularized the last-man-standing loop, creating a blueprint that has since become a mainstay: parachute from an aircraft, scavenge for weapons, and fight to the death as an ever-shrinking circle of doom approaches from all sides.

If you have only played Fortnite or Apex Legends, PUBG is their military-sim father, in which realism is a key part of the survival experience not present in those other games. Here there’s more weapon customization, armor, and items to find, as well as a greater degree of precision required in terms of raw aim and spray control when it comes to winning gunfights. If you’re after a hardcore battle royale game, PUBG is for you.

Deep Rock Galactic

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

Perhaps one of the most inventive shooters in over the past decade, Deep Rock Galatic has earned critical acclaim for its superb cooperative gameplay. Set in whimsical Outerspace environments, players take control of merry space dwarves hunting for precious gems across procedurally-generated planets. Standing in their way are all manner of alien beasties to mow down with flamethrowers and miniguns. The action is intense, chaotic, and big fun as you work together to take down the horde and return safely with your haul.

Winning is all about teamwork and communication as you work together to destroy larger and larger waves of enemies chaotic, the nastier the alien beasts that greet you. Deep Rock Galatic is fantastically balanced, features a huge array of different character classes, and boasts replay value through the roof. It’s a total blast to play!

Battlefield V

Best FPS Games on PC

The Battlefield franchise has been around for well over a decade, and honestly, there are several strong candidates to feature on this list. That includes the most recent, which is very good but has suffered from a rocky launch due to technical issues and doesn’t quite have the content to mix with its predecessor quite yet. Battlefield V still stands apart for its stronger single-player vignette-style campaign, more robust multiplayer, and a compelling WW2 setting that takes players across the globe. It has also been supported by several enormous expansions that have added a wealth of content to the package.

Battlefield multiplayer has always been about big maps and the inclusion of vehicular combat, which in the chaos of 256-player lobbies, with players spread across land, air, and sea, feels like a full simulation of military combat. Battlefield V is perhaps the most balanced of any game in the series yet, and there are so many interesting theatres of war to experience that it feels like the ultimate Battlefield experience for newcomers. Even with the arrival of Battlefield 2042, the player counts are still thriving, so there should be life in the game for plenty of time to come yet.

Here’s Twinfinite’s full review of Battlefield V following its original release.

Wolfenstein: New Colossus

Best FPS Games on PC

Reboots are a dime a dozen these days, but the Wolfenstein series was among the first wave of them back in 2014 with The New Order. The shooter earned critical acclaim for its sublime, fresh take on the iconic franchise, which featured a stronger focus on storytelling but was first and foremost beloved for its excellent gunplay and mechanics. Its sequel, New Colossus, is better in almost every way, and it’s absolutely one of the best single-player shooters to play on PC today.

Once again taking on the role of William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz, players embark on a quest to strike at the heart of the Nazi empire, which won WW2 and has since taken control of the United States. Blazkowicz is aided by a host of interesting characters throughout the story who are brought to life with a well-written, often amusing dialog. They help to break up what is otherwise a gruesome romp as players shred soldiers to pieces with machine guns, flamethrowers, and bizarre sci-fi weaponry.

Twinfinite’s full review of Wolfenstein: New Colossus will give you everything you need to know about the game.

Left 4 Dead 2

Best FPS Games on PC

Best FPS Games on PC (2022)

The original cooperative zombie shooter franchise, Left 4 Dead’s sequel is now 13 years old and has since been copied by more recent games like Back 4 Blood, but it’s still the king if you ask us. Sure the graphics might not be quite as sharp, and it’s missing a few new features that more current games offer, but if you’re after an endlessly replayable cooperative experience that feels great to play and is incredibly fun with friends then Left 4 Dead 2 is the hot ticket.

Set after a global pandemic that has turned most of the human race into infected, brain-eating monsters, players embark on a quest to escape to safety. There’s a huge campaign that can be experienced solo or cooperatively; there are wave survival, scavenging, and realism modes, a versus experience, and even a Mutation option that allows you to mashup 30 variations of different modes. Put simply, there’s just an enormous of content to sink your teeth into, and that’s before you’ve even considered using mods to experience all sorts of fan-made options too!