November 30, 2023

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The most unrealistic sports games ever, ranked

Most sports video games pride themselves on being as close to reality as possible. But why limit yourself to reality when imagination is what has been pushing the gaming industry forward for so long? Exactly, you have no answer. With that in mind, here’s a list of the top ten most unrealistic sports games ever.

Sports games usually try their best to emulate reality, but simulating reality is boring. Nobody wants to remember what it’s like to get a football kicked into their face in school. No one wants to have to manage their stamina levels. We want action, and we want it now. Fill our lungs in perpetuity.

Let’s explore this together and break the boundary between fantasy and reality, tearing open the very fabric of our universe. Well, we’ll just list ten of the best games, but you know what we mean. Anyway, let’s take a look.

NHL Hitz 20-03 is the perfect hockey simulator if you are looking for a fun experience on the virtual ice field. The four-on-four standard mode is complemented by a number of mini-games that let you play hockey in the wildest ways possible.

Playing as a humanoid shark is as normal as getting checked out of the playing field. Anything goes in NHL Hitz 20-03 as long as it’s played on ice. There is even a mini-game in which the player that pushes the most opponents to the ground wins. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Soccer is the most popular game on the planеt so obviously, it’s going to pop up on any list of sports games. RedCard, you would think, is a game where even the slightest provocation or foul would be severely punished. It’s in the name of the game after all. But that can’t be further from the truth.

In RedCard, a red card is the last thing you will see. You must prevent the enemy team from scoring a goal by any means necessary, and if that includes a punch, a flipper, or a kick to the face then it’s perfectly alright.

MLB Slugfest 2006, alongside both RedCard and NHL Hitz 20-03, is published by Midway Games. Yep, the publisher behind Mortal Kombat, the gory fighting game that baited controversy back in the ’90s.

MLB Slugfest 2006 fascinates with its flashy curveballs and the ability to literally fight opponents on their base. Just what every baseball game needs.

Street Power is a soccer simulator that moves away from the grand stadiums and goes to the modern roots of every football player – the streets. The standard 3v3 mode is complemented by dance-like freestyle, trick shots, Panna cage battles, elimination, and a story mode in which you rise from the bottom to become the Street King.

But what is a good sports video game without a few superpowers and feints that border on the fantastic? Well, not Street Power, I’ll tell you that. Street Power adds variety and fun into the already casual setting of urban football.

Super Mario Strikers takes the beloved Mario franchise and makes its characters face off on the soccer pitch.

Players can choose their team captain from the main cast of Super Mario and both sides get a team of three sidekicks and a goalie. The team captain is the only one that can perform a Super Strike, which is a special type of flashy kick that scores two goals instead of one. You know, the usual.

The field is lined with an electric rail which stuns anyone that touches it, and there are power-ups and special abilities akin to Mario Kart. If that wasn’t enough, Bowser randomly appears on the field to mess with the game.

While all of these are great additions to the game, the most unrealistic might be how good goalies are at catching the ball. It’s almost uncanny.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions takes soccer and makes it anime. There are over-the-top, powered-up shots, swift dashes across the field, stunning strikes, and godlike goalies.

The game has two single-player modes, one in which the player goes through the story arc of the anime released in 2018 and another in which the player starts off fresh, similar to FIFA‘s Player Career.


Blitz: The League 2 presents American football as a vicious and brutal sport. It makes real American football look like tennis.

Complemented with a great story mode that points the lens towards the dark side of American football, Blitz: The League 2 brings the crunch and the grit to sports games.

Going into the top three, we’ve got an absolute behemoth developed by Psyonix that dwarves all other unrealistic sports games – Rocket League. The concept of the game is so simple, but the mechanics are anything but. It’s soccer, but with rocket-powered cars instead of players. The acrobatics that the cars can do in this game defies the laws of physics, while the variety in the environment of the playing fields keeps the game fresh and challenging.

The game has made its way through the industry at a phenomenal pace due to the continued support from the developers and the high skill-ceiling that facilitates impressive plays showcased on the Rocket League‘s tournament circuit.

Knockout City is EA’s take on dodgeball, or as they like to call it, “DodgeBrawl”. It’s a great game that takes the basic concept of dodgeball and adds a flurry of fantastic improvements that enhance the gameplay and make the game unique.

Teams of three or four face off in various arenas, pick up balls with special traits and throw them directly into their opponents’ faces. It’s a fresh and competitive game with snappy controls. Knockout City has a bright future in front of it. Try not to get hit in the face too much.

At number one, we’ve got one of the most amazingly unrealistic sports games ever created.  Not only does Blood Bowl 2 mix fantasy and sports, but it transcends the action genre itself. It’s a sports game as a turn-based strategy.

Blood Bowl is one of the few Warhammer franchise games that has made an impact on the games industry. In it, teams are built like Warhammer armies and fight a brutal battle on the American football field. Players can pick up a team of their chosen race and dive into battle. It’s the change of pace that sports games needed.

Written by Nikolai Bogdanov on behalf of GHLF.

Ranking the 10 most unrealistic sports games ever