March 5, 2024

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The most effective type of RPG is acquiring a renaissance in 2023

Weapons drawn, we prepare to fight the goblin horde. It feels a lot less like a confrontation and a lot more like a previous stand. Which is when it hits me: a number of hrs ago, I’d produced pals with a group of ogres halfway throughout the map. I’d persuaded them to battle for me in trade for the spoils of the useless. All I experienced to do was blow a magic horn, and my great buddies would occur running – at the very least, that’s what they advised me. 

I seem the horn and hope for the best. Three lumbering ogres smash into the struggle, the enormous creatures earning superior on their word. With gleeful abandon, the monsters switch the enemy horde to paste as my party focuses on their leader. As the smoke clears, we are surrounded by the useless.