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The ideal audio configurations to listen to footsteps in Warzone 2.

The ideal audio configurations to listen to footsteps in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2. and Modern Warfare 2 ship with a number of enhancements to their audio blend. There was a concentrate on building much more immersive and sensible audio, with the crew at Infinity Ward going out into the area to document genuine-entire world weapons, cannon fireplace, and even helicopters.

At the similar time, the match features a new reverb engine to far better simulate the come to feel of room, enhanced 3D directionality to far better pinpoint enemy areas, and a new audio occlusion engine.

While all that can make for a wealthy aural tapestry, it can occasionally signify that footsteps — arguably the most vital audio cue in-match —  can get missing amid the cacophony.

Fortunately, there is a little something you can do about that. Here’s a glance at the greatest audio options for hearing footsteps in Warzone 2. and Present day Warfare 2.

Warzone 2. and Present day Warfare 2: Very best audio settings for clearer footsteps

Call of Duty Warzone 2 best audio settings
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/One Esports

The video game supplies six various audio mix presets for many audio setups. Here’s a look at what they all do.

  • Pc — Tightest dynamic selection and EQ for use with Pc speakers.
  • Headphones — Tighter dynamic selection and EQ for use with headphones.
  • Headphone Bass Improve — Tighter dynamic selection and EQ with increased reduced-conclusion frequencies for use with headphones.
  • Sound Bar — Tighter dynamic vary and EQ for use with soundbar.
  • Home Theater — Superior dynamic selection environment for use with residence theater units.
  • Cinema — Best dynamic selection setting for use with cinema theater techniques.

While the noticeable decision may well be Headphone Bass Enhance in purchase to raise the prominence of lower frequencies and, by extension, footsteps, it may possibly have the effect of muddying your audio blend even more.

That’s because there are a ton of other competing reduced frequency appears in Connect with of Duty. This can be anything at all from explosives going off in the vicinity of you to a killstreak raining down fury from the skies previously mentioned.

This implies that enemy footsteps could get drowned out, so you never listen to them coming till they’re in your deal with.

As a substitute, House Theater is shaping up to be the ideal select so considerably. It makes footsteps stand out extra in the audio blend, when ambient noises come in a little bit softer. Even so, a person downside is its evident aim on treble frequencies, so gunfire can from time to time sound a minimal shrill.

Setting Solution
Audio Combine Household Theater
Grasp Volume 50
Audio Volume
Dialogue Volume 20
Effects Volume 100
Strike Marker Volume 20
Speakers/Headphones Sport Sound Device Default Method Device
Mono Audio Off

When it will come to fiddling with the quantity numbers, a ton of that will rely on particular desire. Nevertheless, the a single point you want to make sure is set to optimum is Outcomes Volume. This placing is right tied to how loud footsteps sound, in addition to other appears like gunshots.

It can also aid to flip down appears that are not required, this kind of as new music, dialogue, and hit markers.

The Master Quantity will vary in accordance to the set up or headphones you have. Warzone 2. and Fashionable Warfare 2 can get incredibly, very loud, so you are going to want to discover a level that nonetheless lets you listen to clearly without blowing your eardrums out.

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