July 23, 2024

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The Future is Finally Here

At last I can finally play all of those VR games that have been coming out over the past couple of years. I’ve always looked at videos of people playing these games and wanted to try them for myself, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have the hardware to play them. The VR sets were so expensive, and my computer was old so I needed to upgrade to use the hardware with it. I gained some money from making bets on https://xliga188.com, which allowed me to pay for the upgrades to my computer, and to buy the VR set.

The bets that I made on the betting site were poker bets, which I’m pretty good at playing. Just a few games each day during my spare time, and in a month, I had all I needed to pay for the stuff to finally experience VR gaming first hand. There was a VR set that was on sale for a short time that I purchased, and some graphics card, memory, and processor upgrades. Installing the new hardware was a piece of cake, but I had to make some space in my room for the VR setup so that I wouldn’t bump into anything while I was playing the games.

The VR games have been a surreal experience. When I play a racing game, it’s like I’m actually sitting in a race car, speeding down the track. When I play a first person shooter game, it feels as if I’m really holding the gun and aiming at all of the targets. The controllers even have feedback that makes it possible to feel recoil and any damage. I have no idea if VR gaming will be able to go further than this my making something like holograms, but this is a good spot for now.