July 23, 2024

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S-Sport reveals action RPG Phantom Blade Zero for PlayStation 5 and other consoles

S-Sport reveals action RPG Phantom Blade Zero for PlayStation 5 and other consoles

For the duration of final week’s PlayStation Showcase celebration, Beijing-based mostly developer S-Game revealed Phantom Blade Zero, an action RPG “showcasing deep and dark artwork model, fast-paced combat, and a fictitious globe mixing Chinese martial arts and steampunk”.

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Even though the video game debuted all through a PlayStation stream, S-Recreation exposed in a Discord Q&A (documented by Twisted Voxel) that the studio does not have any exclusivity agreements with any of the console companies, and that it options on launching Phantom Blade Zero at the same time throughout various platforms. On the other hand, there is not yet a mentioned launch window for the sport.

The Discord Q&A revealed other planned parts for the match, like a 30-40 hour playtime, facet quests, multiplayer dungeons, a manager hurry mode, and a roguelike manner. The developer also reiterates that Phantom Blade Zero will not be completely open-planet, but will have some open up components and various paths. The game’s “Combo Chain” procedure enables gamers to execute intricate-wanting mix attacks as noticed in the trailer with relative ease applying only a number of buttons, although the developer states there is depth to be found in phrases of ability get, timing, and parrying.

The start trailer and PlayStation Web site write-up — which outlines the game’s kung fu inspirations — can be observed beneath. Screenshots can be witnessed in the gallery.

It all begun with an indie activity that I produced myself with RPG Maker back in 2010. It was named Rainblood: Town of Demise. The approach of earning it was an escape from the complications and frustrations existence threw at me when I was finding out architecture, initial in Beijing, then in New Haven. 

Then I returned to China and founded S-Video game to make extra video games. Rainblood grew into a complete franchise and picked up a new identify: Phantom Blade. Most of these online games have been for smartphones and in no way unveiled outside of China. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to develop a fan foundation of around 20 million. 

Now is the time to make the activity that we generally preferred to make, and existing it to the environment as a new PlayStation 5 match.

Allow me to introduce Phantom Blade Zero, the religious rebirth of the initial Rainblood. It is massively larger sized and richer, altering engine from RPG maker to Unreal Motor 5, but has never adjusted in its main.


Phantom Entire world, the universe that the match is established in, is a universe the place several sorts of powers converge. You will discover Chinese Kungfu, intricate machines reminiscent of steampunk, arts of the occult, and intriguing things that does not really in shape into any of these groups. 

In Phantom Blade Zero, you are Soul, an elite assassin serving an elusive but potent corporation recognized only as “The Order”. He was framed for the murder of The Order’s patriarch and gravely hurt in the manhunt that ensued. A mystic healer managed to save him from death, but makeshift remedy only lasts for 66 days. He need to come across out the mastermind guiding it all in advance of his time runs out, from potent foes and inhuman monstrosities.

From Louis Cha’s Wuxia stories to Bruce Lee’s films, and Michelle Yeoh in Almost everything All over the place All at As soon as, and Donnie Yen in John Wick: Chapter 4, Kungfu in pop society is continually evolving, but usually awesome! With Phantom Blade Zero, we are incorporating a new twist to the components, a large dose of punk spirit, together with with classy visuals. We get in touch with this general art route “Kungfupunk”.


Phantom Blade Zero unfolds in a semi-open environment. We are informed that “open world” is the buzz phrase in these days, but with constrained methods, we would fairly present you numerous maps of reasonable measurement, and handcrafted and populated with assorted things to do, instead of a single huge continuity total of repurposed/reused belongings.

The dim/bleak visual design that you will see a ton in the activity is a deliberate choice. A bleak world makes characters with hearts of gold seriously stand out. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder to under no circumstances enable your guard down. There are lots of powerful beings that want to see you useless. They’re demanding but abundantly fulfilling, in the sort of weapons, armor, artifacts, techniques, amongst other approaches to personalize or progress your character.

Reliable Kungfu moves

We are enormous supporters of the hack and slash genre. Stellar titles like Satan Might Cry or Ninja Gaiden are insanely exhilarating with their massive arsenal of moves and lightning-rapidly tempo. Having said that, they are not for absolutely everyone. What’s more preferred nowadays is “strategic motion game”, these kinds of as Soulslikes and Monster Hunter. They pick out to gradual factors down a notch or two, supplying players extra time for strategic pondering. But that strategy doesn’t convey the kind of motion fest we have in head, namely, the smooth, breathtaking moves in Kungfu motion pictures back in the 1990s.

Lucky for us, in the course of the decade generating cell games, we realized to simplify factors in favor of touchscreens, supplying gamers a way to execute elaborate chains of moves with a least amount of button-mashing. As it turns out, with some tweaks, this system performs just as properly on controllers.

And we’re honored to have Mr. Kenji Tanigaki as our action director. Kenji-san is liable for many mesmerizing fighting scenes in common Kungfu films. In fact, several of our ideas are encouraged by his early will work. In Phantom Blade Zero, his function is to display just about every made transfer, which is then captured with a digital camera matrix, for the reference of our animation artists. You are examining it appropriate. Beat moves in Phantom Blade Zero have to be designed with handcrafted animation, mainly because movement capturing just can’t do it justice.

This is as considerably as we can disclose at this phase. As we do the job vigorously on the new PS5 recreation, there will be more information down the street. 

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