November 30, 2023

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MSI 2023 recap: Bilibili Gaming v Gen G Esports – League of Legends

Today, as MSI draws to a near for this yr, the LPL’s 2nd seed Bilibili Gaming took on the LCK’s initial seed Gen G Esports for a area in the decrease bracket remaining. Followers of both equally teams were being out in power at the Copper Box Arena for a clash that would see just one workforce despatched house.

Game 1 (BLG earn)
BLG: Jax Maokai Taliyah Zeri Lulu
GEN: Gragas Vi Lissandra Xayah Rakan

BLG commenced the game with aggressive investing in the early laning phase, and there was a good deal of early jungle-targeted action with BLG coming out ahead on kills and gold, but not significantly. The mid game skirmishes were rather even as the teams traded kills and goals, but BLG have been the ones stacking Dragons. Bin and Elk scaled monstrously into the late sport, providing BLG the stress essential to bait GEN into a undesirable struggle about Baron. BLG secured the Baron buff and four associates of GEN, swiftly closing the video game off this participate in.

Recreation 2 (BLG acquire)
GEN: Ornn Wukong Annie Aphelios Tahm Kench
BLG: Gwen Vi Ahri Jinx Braum

Peyz and Delight forced their counterparts out of the lane in an early trade, but BLG returned the force with a gank mid to safe initially blood. Items began to swing in GEN’s favour as they found thriving picks all-around the 1st Dragon and secured it, employing this force to snowball Peyz and change for the 2nd Dragon much too. Skirmishing and trading of goals ongoing, with GEN attaining Soul Point and a continuous eliminate benefit. BLG turned the recreation close to with a thoroughly clean skirmish in the mid lane, which they transformed into the Baron. Bin became complicated for GEN to offer with, and BLG have been ready to battle their way to Dragon Soul Issue much too. A decisive combat around Baron saw Elk convert a great counter-interact from GEN into a quadra kill and the goal, and BLG utilised this strain to realize Ocean Soul and consider the earn.

Game 3 (BLG get)
GEN: Ornn Kindred Annie Aphelios Thresh
BLG: Sion Vi Ahri Jinx Blitzcrank

BLG invaded GEN’s jungle as a 5 male device at level a single, securing the Pink Buff away from Peanut. Peanut obtained revenge by stealing away Xun’s raptor camp, and even with committing two flashes to the participate in BLG were not able to find a get rid of. Objectives were being traded in the early activity, with BLG prioritising Dragons and acquiring to start with blood on to Chovy all over the Rift Herald. About the 2nd Dragon, On arrived alive as BLG identified 4 kills for two and the goal. Into the mid-late recreation it became a case of Peanut vs Elk, but On saved getting clutch hooks in essential fights to transform them in BLG’s favour. BLG stacked Dragons for Soul Position, and following extended skirmishing secured Baron in exchange for GEN denying the Soul. BLG utilised their strain cleanly, jogging GEN close to the map and breaking aside their foundation. By the time the upcoming Dragon and Baron came all over, GEN couldn’t properly struggle because of to their base becoming torn apart, leading to BLG securing the Soul and Baron and closing out the sequence.

Unexpectedly for most, Bilibili Gaming ended up not only ready to upset Gen G, but they did it in dominant fashion. They go on to experience the LCK’s second seed SK Telecom T1 and the Unkillable Demon King Faker tomorrow, for a likelihood to battle it out with JD Gaming in the 2023 MSI remaining.

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