November 30, 2023

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Cronus cheaters are finding sniped across the most significant FPS game titles

If you are into on the net FPS video games, you can expect to probable have read of Cronus. The Cronus Zen is one particular of lots of very little hardware modules that have been providing cheaters a bodily way to skirt anticheat software program for decades, in prime video games like Contact of Duty and Destiny 2. Now major-identify recreation developers are cracking down on their use, with Activision pushing out a ban. And it seems to be like Bungie could be soon to observe.

On the Cronus web page (opens in new tab), the creators put the Zen as “the world’s most effective match controller converter.” Very similar to how Xim (opens in new tab) and other physical cheat devices operate, it is primarily a controller emulation peripheral with scripting technological know-how that presents a very little bag of tricks to any person eager to drop $120 for an edge. Typical utilizes contain diminished kickback from gunfire, and offering mouse and keyboard players use of the aim help purpose.