September 27, 2023

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6 Effects Of Video Game On Mental Health

According to research, it has been estimated that half of American’s population play video games. Most people believe it’s just teenagers who play video games, but it will shock you to know that adults make up the higher population of people that play video games.

Are you addicted to playing video games or you just love to play video games? Video games are no doubt very entertaining and exciting, and they could pass off as a good distraction, but have you ever thought about the effects they will have on your mental health?

Before you get so addicted to your favorite video games, why not make research on the effects of video games on your health. Collected.Reviews is a reliable website that will give you reviews on various online health services that can be of help to you and explain how gaming can affect your mental health.

Meanwhile, you need to read further to discover the 6 effects of the video game on your mental health;

Video game helps you in developing your cognitive skills

Although it is believed that video games mostly affect your mental health negatively, it has been proven that they also have positive effects on your mental health. When playing video games, it needs concentration. The level of concentration you give to your video game will help you develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and thinking fast. These skills can also be useful in your working place.

It helps in boosting your memory

Some people have low memory and don’t seem to remember important details or even retain information. But playing video games can change all that, while playing your video games, you need to put some bits of information together to win your opponent. The more you play the game, the more you will boost your memory and retain information.

Playing video games also improves your attention span

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t pay attention to details? Then you need to start playing video games because you will have to pay attention to every little detail in the game. The same character will be transferred to your working place especially if you play the game often.

Negative effects of video games on mental health

Playing video game causes anxiety

It is only when you get addicted to a video game that anxiety sets in. Especially the violent ones. When you are always worried about the next action to take place or how you can win a battle, it keeps you on the edge often and most times leads to depression and that is a part of mental illness.

It makes a person violent

This mostly happens in kids, when they play too many violent video games and even get addicted to it, it affects a part of their brain that wants them to be violent all the time. This gradually turns into mental illness.

It makes you avoid your friends and withdraw

When you begin to shut yourself out from the world, you will develop mental illness without even knowing. And this is one of the negative effects of the video game. You turn a video game to your friend and shut yourself out from the world and your friends.

Playing video games is very exciting and a brilliant way to pass time, but the problem comes when you get addicted to playing video games. It begins to have negative effects on your mental health. Despite having positive effects, you need to play with caution.