July 15, 2024

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10 Free Games to Play Online and Earn Real Money

Right from Pac-Man and Mario to Overwatch and Fortnite, gaming has been the best pastime. Initially created for pleasure, today it has evolved into a money-making hunt.

If you have lost your job because of Covid-19 or just want to try online games with some meaning, then here are some fun games to earn real money without any investment. So, along with being a gamer, you can pay your due bills too! While some think it is a scam, online games do help you make decent money. But, you surely need dedication and passion for it.

Check out the free games to play online and earn real money

  1. 8 Ball Pool

Run by Miniclip and Skill 4 Win, 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer pool game. It allows you to play billiards for free. If you win the tournament, you are awarded Pool Coins. There is a guide for gamers who want to learn the right way to play 8 Ball Pool. The highest point in the game is 150th level.

  1. Exodus 3000

A multiplayer RPG strategy game, Exodus 3000 takes you thousands of years ahead. The earth isn’t sustainable anymore and humans have left their birthplace to migrate. You are living on Mars where players collect Mars Dollars. You can earn the dollars by searching the ruins, mining the volcanoes and robbing other gamers.

Your Martian currency can be changed to real money and the exchange rate is $20 for 300, 000 Mars Dollars.

  1. GamerSaloon

If you love Halo or Call of Duty, then GamerSaloon is the best place to earn through your gaming skills. Participate in tournaments to get paid. All you need to do is deposit an entry fee before competing.

  1. My 11 Circle

My 11 Circle allows you to participate in esports. You have to create a cricket team and make yourself productive. They claim to distribute $13 million as prize money. It is more like fantasy cricket where you can make millions with the right cricket strategy.

  1. Pogo

It is an online gaming site to play different games and earn easy money. But, the catch is you have to watch ads for 5 days before playing. You are given tokens to watch the ads which you can use in your online gaming. The games they offer are Monopoly, Scrabble, Solitaire, etc.

  1. Point Club

If you love to answer questions, then it can give you some side money. Just participate in polls at Point Club and earn money. Even for registration, you will be paid $5. You can also play online games rather than answering questions.

  1. PokerStars

An online casino, PokerStars is free to download but needs a small fee. Your winnings depend on the variations you choose like Stud, Omaha, RAZZ, etc. There are daily and weekly tournaments.

  1. Second Life

Second life allows you to create your avatar which works as your second digital life. You can start a venture in the digital world and make a new community. You can purchase/sell real estate in the game. You have several other earning opportunities.

  1. Swag Bucks

SwagBucks has word and arcade games. But, it helps you earn money in several ways. Just using its search engine is like mining gold. Your credit will be transferred to your PayPal account.

  1. Wealth Words

If you have a good command of your vocabulary or love to play crossword puzzles, then Wealth Words is the best place to earn some money.

So, all you need is a computer and internet connection to start making real money while playing games.